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A Dedicated Worthington Workers Compensation Lawyer at Your Service

No one really knows the importance of a great workers' compensation lawyer until the day comes when they really need one.

This is why Worthington workers' compensation lawyers regularly insist that all companies need to make provisions for workers' compensation benefits.

When it comes to the best Worthington workers' compensation lawyers handling cases of personal injury, the name on everyone's lips is Larrimer and Larrimer.

Go to its law offices in Worthington, OH, for a free consultation to discuss the various services that are offered by a workers’ compensation lawyer.

What Do Workers Compensation Lawyers Do?

What Do Workers Compensation Lawyers Do?

Anyone who has ever been involved in a formal workplace hearing knows the value of having a dedicated workers' compensation lawyer to stand up for them. In the event of a personal injury, these are some of the services they can offer to injured workers:

Offer Legal Advice

The most important job of any workers' compensation lawyer is to offer the best legal advice to their clients. At its Worthington law office, Larrimer and Larrimer regularly offers free consultation to potential clients for this reason.

Conduct Independent Research

Personal injury lawyers need to be great investigators too because, at times, important evidence is not easily acquired without some digging. Professional workers compensation attorneys in Columbus OH can help conduct research surrounding your case.

Determine Who Is At Fault

When the adrenalin caused by a personal injury wears off, people start to point fingers. A workers’ compensation lawyer must determine who was at fault during the free consultation.

Oversee Out-of-Court Settlements

Super lawyers stand head and shoulders above ordinary workers' compensation lawyers because of their ability to settle matters out of court. Reaching an agreement is much easier in a law office than in a courtroom. People may contact Larrimer and Larrimer for a free consultation and let its workers' compensation lawyers handle the case.

Fight for the Rights of Employees

When personal injury victims approach a workers’ compensation lawyer, it's because they need someone to fight for their rights. Personal injury lawyers who cannot win cases soon begin to lose clients.

Get the Highest Possible Settlement

Once a case reaches the courts, it’s all about what a workers’ compensation lawyer can prove. The super lawyers at Larrimer and Larrimer have a great track record of winning millions of dollars in settlements over the years. They offer a free consultation to injured workers who also wish to be part of this list of winners.

Eight Causes of Personal Injuries at Work

After years of practicing as workers' compensation lawyers and related practice areas, in Worthington, Larrimer and Larrimer has come across many different causes of injuries that pass through its law offices. However, some of the most common causes witnessed by its super lawyers are as follows:


Not lifting heavy objects correctly has resulted in a lot of back injuries for workers. In cases where the employer fails to provide lifting belts, then a good workers' compensation lawyer can claim huge benefits for injured employees.


When employers push their workers too hard in pursuit of hard-to-reach targets, super lawyers can prove negligence in the event of a personal injury.


Dehydration is a major cause of personal injury, especially among drivers because it leads to drowsiness, and lowers the body's cognitive functions.

Poor Lighting

An employer has to make sure that all work areas have adequate lighting. This is one of the things a workers’ compensation lawyer will look into, especially in cases of slip and fall accidents.

Hazardous Materials

An employer who knows that their workers handle hazardous material has the responsibility to provide personal protective equipment to prevent accidental exposure. Over the years, Larrimer and Larrimer has assisted many victims of such accidents in its law offices.

Acts of Workplace Violence

On rare occasions, Larrimer and Larrimer's lawyers have come across some injuries that were caused by individuals attacking our clients. Such a case presents a complicated situation for a workers’ compensation lawyer because it has elements of criminality in it. However, workers' compensation claims can still be made in such cases.

Trips and Falls

Victims with minor injuries caused by trips and falls have also received a lot of assistance at our law office and walked away with workers' compensation damages for their medical treatment.


Working while stressed out can lead to frustration and poor judgment, which makes it more likely for workers to injure themselves.

Is Pain and Suffering a Personal Injury?

Unfortunately, in Worthington, pain, and suffering are not considered as personal injury, and, therefore, no workers' compensation benefits can be awarded in such cases. However, the super lawyers at Larrimer and Larrimer have a way of getting around this by highlighting the pain and suffering as part of the injuries themselves.

The Main Types of Compensation Claims

The Main Types of Compensation Claims

During their free consultation, clients will get to understand the different types of workers’ compensation benefits that they can claim, such as:

Medical Treatment Only

This is when workers' compensation is awarded to pay for medical bills of minor injuries that do not require the worker to take time off work.

Medical Treatment With Lost Wages

If the injuries are severe enough to require taking time to recover, then the workers' compensation claim will include benefits for lost wages.

Medical Treatment and Injuries That Prevent Workers From Returning to Their Former Job

Some injuries leave a lifelong impact on workers, and they may never be able to return to normal levels of productivity. In such cases, the courts have to take this into account when awarding workers' compensation benefits.

Medical Treatment & Injuries That Prevent the Employee from Doing Any Type of Work

Many of the highest workers' compensation payouts were as a result of injuries so severe that the person is unable to do any work at all. Larrimer and Larrimer offers a free consultation for more clarity on this.

In such cases, workers' compensation lawyers can claim disability benefits on behalf of their clients. These benefits often result in individuals living comfortably, off workers' compensation, for the rest of their lives.

Other Worthington Practice Areas

Get the Super Lawyers of Larrimer and Larrimer on the Case!

When dealing with workers' compensation disputes, it’s good to have the excellent lawyers of Larrimer and Larrimer law firm handling the case. With a proven track record of handling many workers' compensation cases, they are the go-to attorneys for injured workers in Worthington.

People may go to the law office today for a free consultation, and let’s discuss how best the lawyers can get the best possible outcome in any workers' compensation case.

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