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Get a Bexley Workers Compensation Lawyer To Represent You!

No one expects to be injured while at work, but unfortunately, this does happen from time to time, leaving employees seeking workers’ compensation after having suffered a personal injury. It is for this exact type of situation that workers’ compensation lawyers exist; to offer expert legal representation to injured workers.

Ohio workers’ compensation law entitles employees to receive monetary benefits in the event of an accident that forces them to take time off work or that requires medical attention. Even though the law is quite clear on this issue, there are times when disagreements arise between workers and their employers regarding either who the responsible party is or how much is considered fair compensation.

In such cases, it would be wise for employees to approach an experienced personal injury attorney to discuss all available options and choose the best way to get the compensation they deserve. In Bexley, OH, such super lawyers are found at the law office of Larrimer and Larrimer.

The lawyers have many years of experience assisting Ohio clients with any legal issues that are connected with workplace injuries. These workers' compensation lawyers are always standing by, ready to conduct a case evaluation during a free consultation. They may visit their offices in Bexley, OH to discuss all available legal options.

What Is Personal Injury?

What Is Personal Injury?

Personal injury refers to any harm inflicted on a person's body through the actions or negligence of another. However, when talking of personal injury in the workplace environment, it takes on a slightly different meaning, whereby it represents any injury suffered by a worker while conducting their work duties. A Columbus workers comp law firm can help you investigate your personal injury case.

The nature of the injury, whether it is minor or severe, will determine the benefits that the employee can be awarded through workers' compensation payouts. In cases of minor injuries, such as cuts and bruises, the benefits will usually only cover lost wages and any hospital bills.

However, in very serious cases where the injured worker has to be hospitalized for extended periods, the benefits can be quite a huge sum of money. In fact, after some very serious accidents, disabled workers in Bexley, OH have been known to receive millions of dollars in settlements from Ohio workers' compensation funds.

What Do Personal Injury Lawyers Do?

What Do Personal Injury Lawyers Do?

After graduating from their respective state bar association, a personal injury lawyer will usually focus their legal practice areas on issues surrounding compensation claims for various injuries caused by a wide range of accidents.

Personal injury lawyers are there to offer legal help to residents of central Ohio going up against insurance companies in a bid to receive the benefits to which they are entitled. Some of the services provided by the Bexley, OH lawyers at Larrimer and Larrimer are as follows:

Discuss the Merits of the Case

By offering a free consultation to their potential clients, the personal injury lawyers at Larrimer and Larrimer law firm ensure that all the aspects of the case can be discussed at zero cost to the injured worker.

It is during this free consultation that attorneys can decide whether the claim is worth pursuing and also advise their clients on the potential value of the settlement they are most likely to be awarded.

Identify the Responsible Party

While Bexley, OH workers’ compensation law routinely awards benefits to employees injured on duty, regardless of whether or not they were at fault, it is still important to identify the responsible party because this might have an impact on the value of the settlement.

Non-economic damages, such as pain and suffering, emotional trauma, and social security disability are not usually awarded in cases where the employee is proven to be at fault. This is because these types of damages are usually left to the judge's discretion and depend highly on the ability of personal injury lawyers to present the case.

Conduct Research and Collect Evidence

In most Bexley, OH cases, both parties are quite willing to settle any compensation issues out of court, which makes the process much easier. However, in the more complicated cases, a lawsuit might be the only way forward for injured workers to receive any justice.

Workers in such situations will need one of dedicated super lawyers to defend them in court and conduct all the necessary research needed to increase the chances of success. Any evidence, such as official reports of the incident, pictures, doctors' reports, and medical bills needs to be collected and filed.

Interview Witnesses

At times, fellow colleagues of the injured worker may be reluctant to step forward as witnesses to the incident that resulted in the injury. It will take the assurance of experienced workers' compensation attorneys to resolve such problems, and help them understand that, under Bexley, OH law, they will be protected from any retaliation.

Provide Legal Representations at Formal Hearings

During formal hearings between all the interested parties, it takes a lot of negotiation skills by super lawyers to be able to win damages for their clients that are in line with their claims.

Many such hearings are held regularly at the law office of Larrimer and Larrimer, with a lot of our clients walking away with huge settlement offers.

Help Their Clients Get the Compensation They Deserve

While insurance companies are usually happy to cover minor medical expenses, lost wages, and other small costs, when it comes to potentially expensive payouts for things such as social security disability, they may be reluctant to pay.

This is when the services of a good Bexley, OH workers’ compensation lawyer will be required to make sure that workers receive nothing less than the full benefits they deserve.

Other Bexley Practice Areas

Call Our Bexley, OH Law Office Right Now!

There is no time to waste when it comes to preparing for a workers’ compensation case. Besides the many things that lawyers need to do before they can submit a claim, there is also the statute of limitations on personal injury cases to consider.

In Bexley, OH complainants are given only two years to make their claims, otherwise, the case will be closed for good. That is why this office's super lawyers are always ready to offer a free consultation, so they can get the ball rolling as soon as possible.

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