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Are You in Need of an Upper Arlington Workers Compensation Lawyer? Then Read This!

Columbus, OH has seen a lot of improvements in occupational safety over the last few years, particularly in Upper Arlington, OH, and the surrounding area. However, despite the best efforts of government, employers, and employees, workplace accidents still happen.

In many Upper Arlington, OH workers compensation cases, it may be difficult to establish who is at fault, and this often results in a dispute between the injured workers and their employer. This is when a good Ohio workers' compensation lawyer is required -- one right here in the Columbus, OH area who can fight for the rights of the injured worker and ensure they get the compensation they deserve.

In Upper Arlington, OH, there are no better workers’ compensation lawyers than our law firm, Larrimer and Larrimer. Our central Ohio super lawyers are experts in Columbus, OH workers’ compensation law. We are available anytime for a free consultation with personal injury victims seeking Ohio workers' compensation benefits.

What Causes Workplace Accidents in Upper Arlington, OH?

What Causes Workplace Accidents in Upper Arlington, OH?

Regardless of the cause of a workplace accident, according to Ohio's workers' rights and workers compensation law, the injured employee is still eligible to receive workers' compensation. However, a lot of accidents that occur at work are caused by the employees themselves, which may not fall under the workers' compensation umbrella.

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A free consultation with our Upper Arlington lawyers can help you determine if your injury does.

The following are some of the major causes of accidents that often lead to personal injury in Upper Arlington:


As one of the most sort-after Ohio worker's compensation lawyers, the lawyers in our law office routinely come across incidents that have been caused by a worker being complacent because they have been on the job for a long time therefore they grow lax when it comes to observing safety rules.


Due to the rising cost of living in Upper Arlington, OH and other areas of central Ohio, many regular workers have been left frustrated with their salaries. This often results in them taking out their frustrations on the job, which can be very dangerous, especially when working in high-risk environments such as chemical plants or refineries.


The need to increase productivity while keeping costs down drives some employers to overwork their employees which causes fatigue and leads to accidents. This is an issue workers' compensation lawyers are always battling to resolve, and which our law firm takes very seriously. A no-cost consultation with our workers compensation lawyers in Columbus OH can guide you in the lawsuit process.


Another common cause of accidents that workers' compensation lawyers come across regularly is laziness on the part of both the employer and the injured workers. Laziness often results in important safety protocols not being followed, which leads to accidents occurring.

This can all be difficult to prove, so a free consultation with one of our Columbus, OH area attorneys can look at your specific case. A free consultation with a Columbus, OH attorney can help you determine if you have a case.

Common Types of Workplace Injuries

After many years of providing excellent legal advice to the workers and residents of Upper Arlington, OH and the greater Columbus, OH area, our workers' compensation lawyers have seen a pattern developing in the types of injuries that often occur at workplaces. We offer a free consultation for any possible workers compensation case. These are some of the most common ones that our law firm has dealt with in the past:

Burn Injuries

Any workers' compensation lawyer practicing in Upper Arlington, OH will be very familiar with burn injuries due to the very active industrial sectors of Columbus, OH. Explosions, gas leaks, and poor handling of hydrocarbons are the most common causes of fires that lead to workers being burnt.

Crush Injuries

Many industrial structures are very tall and require heavy equipment to be lifted to great heights. Any falling objects in such cases are a danger to employees working below. Some crush injuries result in broken bones and head injuries, and sometimes even worse.

Lung Damage

Some industrial activities in Upper Arlington, OH constantly expose workers to hazardous gas emissions that may eventually result in lung damage.

At times, the damage is so severe that workers' compensation lawyers will have to fight for lifelong disability benefits on behalf of their clients for future medical bills.

Toxic Chemicals Exposure

Employees being exposed to toxic chemicals is another common incident in many chemical plants scattered across Columbus, OH. The effects of this exposure are often difficult to immediately establish, and it is not uncommon for a workers’ compensation lawyer to be asked to handle a workers’ comp case for an exposure that happed years back.


Common industrial emissions can be very poisonous if inhaled by workers, and at times can even lead to death. An example of such a substance is hydrogen sulfide, which is a common byproduct of refinery processes.

Slips and Falls

A simple thing such as slipping and falling can have very serious consequences. Incidents of permanent disability have been known to happen as a result of minor falls. when these falls happen from high places, they can be very dangerous indeed.

Hearing loss

Constant exposure to loud noises generated by machinery and various industrial processes often leads to cases of permanent hearing loss. In cases where employers do not provide their workers with proper safety equipment, such as ear muffs, a workers’ compensation lawyer in Upper Arlington, OH can sue for huge damages for injured workers.


Lacerations are among the most common workplace injuries that occur, but in many of the cases that we handle at our law office, they are often minor cuts. However, no matter how minor an injury is, workers are still entitled to receive workers' compensation for medical treatment or any pain and suffering they experienced. We can give you a free consultation for your specific case.

Traumatic Brain injury

One of the most dangerous of all injuries that a workers’ compensation lawyer will have to deal with is a traumatic brain injury. It can often result in death if left untreated, and the unfortunate thing is that some of the symptoms are hard to identify.

How Upper Arlington, OH Workers Compensation Lawyers Help

How Upper Arlington, OH Workers Compensation Lawyers Help

An injured worker in the Upper Arlington, OH area who attempts to seek damages for a workplace injury without the help of an experienced workers' compensation lawyer on their side may become an easy target for compensation lawyers who might represent their employer or insurance company.

That is why we at Larrimer and Larrimer are proud to offer injured workers the following services:

  • Free consultation

  • Gathering evidence

  • Witness interviews

  • Representation during formal hearings

  • Legal advice in the event of a trial

  • Fighting for the victim to get the compensation they deserve

Other Upper Arlington Practice Areas

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Whether an injured worker wants compensation for lost wages, medical expenses, or pain and suffering, we are here to help in Upper Arlington, OH and the greater Columbus, OH area.

Workers Compensation Law is Complicated - The Best Lawyers Can Help

Over the years we have also helped many disabled workers in Upper Arlington, OH win huge settlements. Give us a call today and let us schedule a free consultation to talk about your workers' compensation case.

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