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Why You Need a Dublin Workers' Compensation Lawyer

In Columbus, Ohio workers' compensation has been an area of law that has seen a lot of change in recent years as more focus is placed on workers’ rights and the need to improve working conditions.

Dublin workers' compensation lawyers have been dealing with an increasing number of personal injury cases in which injured employees need assistance with their workers' comp claim.

Thankfully the legal system serving Dublin, OH is one of the best in the entire state, and workers' compensation legal issues get resolved quickly.

Larrimer and Larrimer Super Lawyers Can Help

Larrimer and Larrimer Super Lawyers Can Help

With a team of outstanding lawyers with years of experience serving Dublin, OH residents, these lawyers have dealt with countless workers' compensation cases and won huge settlements for the clients in the process.

It is not always easy for employees injured on the job to know whether they need a workers’ compensation attorney or not, which is why these lawyers offer a free consultation to all potential clients.

Since the day Larrimer and Larrimer opened its doors to practice law while serving Dublin, OH, its super lawyers have built a reputation for having an excellent attorney-client relationship.

People may visit the Larrimer and Larrimer law firm, and see why it's considered some of the best workers' compensation lawyers in Columbus, OH.

Dublin, OH Workers Compensation Laws

Workers' compensation laws are there to protect Dublin, OH residents who get injured or disabled while working. They were introduced as a way to reduce the need for litigation whenever a workplace injury occurs, which frees the court system from having to handle every single compensation claim.

It is, therefore, mandatory that every company serving Dublin, OH carries workers' compensation insurance from a reputable and reliable insurance company. A workers comp law firm in Columbus can assist in investigating an insurance company.

In the event of any legal issue arising between an employee and their employer, the first thing the workers' compensation lawyer representing injured employees will look at is whether the company has adequate insurance to cover things such as lost wages and medical benefits.

Statute Of Limitations

Super lawyers know the importance of utilizing time as a valuable resource. This is why, whenever an injured worker visits a workers’ compensation lawyer serving Dublin, OH for a free consultation, they know they have to move fast.

A workers' comp case needs to be brought before a judge before the statute of limitations for personal injuries expires.

In Dublin, OH the time allowed for a workers' compensation lawyer to gather evidence, conduct independent research, and prepare and submit all relevant paperwork on a workers' comp case is two years.

Statutes such as this one are intended to protect the at-fault party from having an impending lawsuit hanging over them for many years and also to ensure that all legal issues are resolved while evidence and witness testimonies are still fresh.

Requirements for a Workers' Compensation Claim

Before receiving workers' comp benefits, the following documents are required:

  • Accurately filled claim form

  • Hospital bills

  • A statement of the incident written by the injured worker

  • An accurate and complete history of previous comp claims

  • Detailed medical certificate from a registered medical doctor, in case of permanent disability

  • Duly signed Memorandum of agreement according to the Employees’ Compensation Act, 1923

Can You Get Workers Compensation for Pain and Suffering?

While many workers' compensation lawyers serving Dublin, OH will assure their clients that they will receive workers' compensation for pain and suffering, the reality is that even super lawyers may struggle to get their clients to be awarded anything more than the economic damages entitled to them.

When representing injured workers, the most a good workers' compensation lawyer can usually get for their client are benefits covering medical expenses and lost sources of income that are proportional to the victim's average weekly wage.

Workers' compensation simply does not recognize pain and suffering claims in the same way as personal injury lawsuits do.

Luckily for employees, there is an indirect route to still get additional compensation for pain and suffering by maximizing the normal workers' compensation benefits.

One tactic that can be used by an experienced workers' compensation lawyer serving Dublin, OH to win non-economic damages for injured employees is to claim additional compensation on the following grounds:

  • Permanent partial disability

  • Psychiatric conditions

Four Types of Claims Handled By Dublin Workers Compensation Lawyers

Four Types of Claims Handled By Dublin Workers Compensation Lawyers

An experienced workers' compensation lawyer serving Dublin, OH can claim the following kinds of workers' comp benefits:

  • Medical Bills

Injured workers will receive medical benefits covering any treatments but they can resume their normal duties, especially in cases where the injuries are minor, such as cuts and bruises.

  • Medical Bills and Lost Wages

An injured employee receives medical treatment but the nature of their injuries prevents them from returning to work, meaning they are entitled to receive two-thirds of their usual weekly wages until they are well enough to resume working full time.

  • Medical Bills and Injuries That Prevent Workers From Returning to Their Former Job

In cases where an injury is so server that a worker is no longer able to do their former job, or at the very least perform at the same levels of productivity, then a workers’ comp lawyer can regard this as a valid reason to seek compensation.

Larrimer and Larrimer's super lawyers will make sure the worker receives medical treatment and two-thirds of weekly wages for a period not exceeding 400 weeks.

  • Medical Bills & Severe Injuries That Prevent the Employee From Being Employable

When it becomes clear that the injuries have become so severe that it will no longer be possible for the worker to do any kind of work, then workers' compensation lawyers will seek medical benefits and continuous monetary support for the foreseeable future.

Examples of such cases are those involved with serious injuries, such as paralysis, amputation, or blindness. The workers' compensation lawyer will have to prove that these work-related injuries have resulted in a lifelong disability for their client.

Other Dublin Practice Areas

Get Our Super Lawyers on the Case!

If there is one thing that these super lawyers have learned from years of faithfully serving Dublin it is how to win workers' compensation cases and related practice areas, and they are certainly proud of this professional achievement. People may visit the law office of Larrimer and Larrimer for a free consultation today.

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