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Looking for a Hilliard Workers Compensation Lawyer? Try Our Super Lawyers!

With the abundance of Hilliard, OH workers' compensation lawyers, finding a good one can be similar to searching for a needle in a haystack. It doesn't help that all of them claim to be outstanding lawyers who are the best at what they do?

However, who, amongst all these "super lawyers," has the track record to prove that they are indeed great workers' compensation lawyers? Larrimer and Larrimer has been serving Hilliard, OH residents for years and has become a top-tier office for personal injury attorneys in the process.

With just one phone call, an experienced attorney will be ready to handle any personal injury and workers’ compensation legal issues within Hilliard, OH. They offer a free consultation to all prospective clients at the law office.

Do You Need Workers Compensation Lawyers?

Do You Need Workers Compensation Lawyers?

When faced with the prospect of paying a workers’ compensation attorney to take charge of the entire process of claiming benefits, most injured workers may be tempted to handle the legal issue alone.

However, this is a very unwise decision because there is a lot about Columbus, OH workers' compensation law that cannot be learned in such a short time. By hiring one of the workers' compensation lawyers from Larrimer and Larrimer, clients can be assured of the following services:

Interview Witnesses

One thing Larrimer and Larrimer has learned from serving Hilliard, OH workers is that witnesses are not always willing to step forward when it comes to work-related cases. The fear of being victimized is too high, and it takes experienced workers' compensation lawyers to reassure them.

Conduct Independent Research

Hilliard workers' compensation lawyers have to be both great attorneys and excellent investigators, especially in cases where the at-fault party is reluctant to pay.

Gather Physical Evidence

While injured workers can gather evidence alone, the risk of missing an important detail is still there, and it takes an experienced workers comp attorney in Columbus OH to realize what is important and what is not.

Collect Medical Documents

Before serving Hilliard, OH, insurance companies with a workers' compensation claim, it is essential that all the required medical documents are collected and filed. It will be the duty of workers' compensation lawyers to ensure that nothing is found missing when it comes to awarding damages.

Representing Injured workers During Hearings

One of the most crucial stages of the entire lawsuit process is the negotiations that take place between the workers' compensation lawyers, the employers, and the insurance company. These discussions not only determine the value of the settlement offer but also whether the case will be taken before the court.

The Groundwork for a Workers' Compensation Lawsuit

When serving Hilliard, OH workers, a workers’ compensation lawyer will need to be prepared to do a lot of groundwork for the lawsuit if they hope to win.

Fight for the Rights of Injured Employees

It is not easy to learn all the tactics needed by a workers’ compensation attorney to fight for the rights of injured workers in open court, because such skills are the product of years of faithfully serving Hilliard, OH residents.

Win Damages Our Clients Deserve

At-fault parties will do all in their power to avoid having to pay huge settlements to personal injury victims, and the workers' compensation attorney has to make sure that their clients are not cheated.

Ensure Continued Payment of Benefits

Serving Hilliard, OH insurance companies with workers' compensation claims and winning damages is not enough, unfortunately. A workers’ compensation lawyer will still have to ensure that any benefits were awarded continue being paid for the duration specified by the court.

Steps To Take After a Personal Injury

From the time of the injury to the time when the lawsuit is filed, injured employees need to take the following steps:

Seek Medical Attention

The number one concern for any workers' compensation lawyer serving Hilliard, OH, should be the well-being of their clients, which is why at Larrimer and Larrimer, the lawyers encourage injured employees to see a doctor first before doing anything else.

Report the Matter To the Employer

It is important to alert the employer of the injury, so they can start to make preparations regarding the workers' compensation settlement.

Collect Evidence

An employee can start collecting any evidence that their workers' compensation lawyer may need when serving Hilliard, OH, insurance companies with papers demanding settlement over a personal injury claim.

Approach Larrimer and Larrimer Workers Compensation Lawyers

Last, but not least, is to approach an experienced and reliable workers' compensation lawyer, preferably one who has traceable qualifications from their respective state bar association and has been serving Hilliard, OH workers for several years. The law firm of Larrimer and Larrimer has some of the best Columbus, OH lawyers that fit the bill.

Types of Damages to Expect

Types of Damages to Expect

The first discussion between a workers’ compensation lawyer and their client, usually involves the damages that are likely to be awarded in the event of a successful lawsuit. Super lawyers from our law firm routinely win some of the following damages:

Economic Damages

These are direct monetary settlements offered to the victim of a personal injury and are usually directly related to the following:

Lost wages

Any time the employee is forced to take off work is compensated in the form of a lost wages settlement. Insurance companies serving Hilliard, OH workers usually link this directly to their weekly wages.

Medical bills

All medical expenses that were caused by the personal injury should be compensated according to the costs indicated on the medical receipts.

Permanent Disability

In the event of a serious injury that causes a lifetime disability, the victim is likely to be awarded huge benefits. A medical report from a doctor licensed to practice in Hilliard, OH is required.

Non-Economic Benefits

These basically cover any pain and suffering or emotional trauma that the victim was exposed to. In Larrimer and Larrimer's many years serving Hilliard, OH workers, these are the most difficult damages to win.

Other Hilliard Practice Areas

What We Have Learned After Years of Serving Hilliard, Oh

There is no personal injury or workers' compensation case that has ever been too big for Larrimer and Larrimer's super lawyers to handle. Time and time again, they have proved why they are the most preferred attorneys in Columbus, OH. People may visit the law firm for a free consultation today!

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