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Get the Best Reynoldsburg Workers Compensation Lawyer on Your Side!

Cases dealing with workers' compensation tend to rely a lot on having an experienced lawyer representing the victim. Many injured workers in Reynoldsburg, OH make the mistake of thinking that they do not need a workers' compensation lawyer, only to end up getting less than what they deserve from their employer's insurance company.

We are the Best Lawyers Serving Reynoldsburg, OH

In Reynoldsburg, OH, there are many different workers' compensation lawyers who claim to be outstanding lawyers, but in the end, fail to deliver when it matters most. That is not the case at Larrimer and Larrimer, where we have cultivated a reputation as super lawyers who defend the rights of injured workers at all costs.

Years of faithfully serving Reynoldsburg, OH residents have helped us fine-tune our attorney-client relationship to such an extent that we are the number one choice among Columbus, OH workers' compensation lawyers. Visit our law firm today for a free consultation on your workers' compensation case in Reynoldsburg, OH.

Reynoldsburg, OH Workers Compensation Law

Reynoldsburg, OH Workers Compensation Law

Ohio law states that employers in and around Reynoldsburg, OH need to obtain workers' compensation insurance for all their employees to cover any personal injury that might happen while workers are performing their duties.

Reynoldsburg, OH Workers' Comp Covers Costs

Workers' compensation is responsible for covering the costs of medical bills and lost wages of employees who are either injured or contract an occupational disease while they are on the job. Even though such measures are in place, employees sometimes find it difficult to get their benefits, which is where Reynoldsburg workers' compensation lawyers will be able to assist.

What To Do After An Injury

The steps an injured worker takes, starting from the day of the injury are very important in determining the outcome of the workers' compensation claim. Unlike criminal defense cases, it is possible for most Reynoldsburg, OH compensation claims to be settled between the employer, employees, and the insurance company.

However, at times, complications might require the claim to be handled by the court system. In such cases, the workers' compensation lawyer will need to use all the experience and skill that they have to defend the rights of the personal injury victim.

Follow These Steps to Give Your Lawyer the Best Chance

An injured worker should take the following steps to give their Reynoldsburg, OH workers' compensation lawyer the best chances of success:

Collect Evidence

When it comes down to a courtroom dispute between employer and employee in a workers' compensation case, winning usually depends on who has the most evidence. At times, employers try to put the blame for workplace injuries on their employees to avoid paying huge damages. A good workers’ compensation attorney from Reynoldsburg, OH, armed with the right evidence will be able to prevent this from happening.

Identify Fellow Employees Who Might Be Witnesses

Getting co-workers to stand as witnesses against their employer in workers' compensation hearings is not an easy task. The fear of victimization in a workers' compensation case means a lot of people will be reluctant to step forward. However, at Larrimer and Larrimer, our super lawyers will not only help the injured worker but also ensure that any witnesses who step forward will be protected from any unfair treatment.

Seek Medical Treatment

No amount of money that a Reynoldsburg, OH workers’ compensation lawyer can win for their clients will be worth risking lives over. The most important thing to do, even before thinking about approaching a workers compensation lawyer in Columbus OH for help, is to ensure the safety of the personal injury victim. Legal issues can be solved after seeking medical treatment. Any medical expenses that are paid should be noted, and the receipts kept for presentation as evidence.

Get a Police Report If Required

In cases where criminal activity might be suspected, it may be necessary to obtain a police report for later use. Sometimes, injuries can result from the employer not putting the right safety measures in place, or not providing workers with personal protective equipment. Such cases can be seen as criminal negligence, in which case police intervention may be required.

Approach Workers Compensation Lawyers in Reynoldsburg, OH

Out of the many workers' compensation lawyers in Reynoldsburg, OH, it is important to approach the right law firm with the required experience to handle personal injury cases. Workers' compensation is a unique branch of Ohio law, and as such not all Reynoldsburg, OH lawyers are well experienced enough in handling it.

Years of serving Reynoldsburg, OH residents, and receiving stellar peer evaluations in the process, have put Larrimer and Larrimer at the top of the list of workers' compensation lawyers to approach for a free consultation in the event of a workplace injury.

Types of Damages To Expect

Types of Damages To Expect

As soon as victims walk into our law office for a free consultation, one of the first things they want to know is what sort of damages they can expect in their workers' compensation. In most Reynoldsburg, OH workers comp cases, compensation lawyers can win the following damages:

Medical Expenses

At the top of the list is medical bills, which is not surprising since the workers' compensation lawyer will be seeking damages for a personal injury claim. These expenses cover hospital bills, medication, after-care, physiotherapy, and any other procedures that might be required.

Permanent Disability

In cases of serious injuries that cause lifelong problems for the victim, disability benefits can be awarded. The value of the benefits will depend on the extent of the injuries, the impact the disability will have on the victim, and how well the workers' compensation lawyer can present the case to the court.

Lost Wages

Winning damages for loss of income is one other thing good Reynoldsburg, OH workers' compensation lawyers should be able to help with.

In cases where the employment records are available, this will not be a difficult thing to do. If the records are not available, we have dedicated personnel who can conduct independent research on behalf of the employee seeking workers' compensation. You can learn more by booking a free consultation with our Reynoldsburg, OH super lawyers.

Other Reynoldsburg Practice Areas

Call the Law Office of Larrimer and Larrimer Right Now!

Workers' compensation lawyers are a dime a dozen on the streets of Reynoldsburg, OH. However, the right one with enough experience to win a workers’ comp case is the difficult part.

At Larrimer and Larrimer, workers who have suffered a personal injury can be assured of being represented by a top-tier workers' compensation lawyer. We are the leaders in all things involving workers' compensation, so give us a call today for a free consultation.

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