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New Albany Workers Compensation Lawyer From Larrimer and Larrimer

When going up against a determined employer or insurance company, it pays to have reliable workers' compensation lawyers fighting for the rights of injured workers. It is not an easy thing in today's economy to win the workers' compensation benefits that a client deserves.

This is why at Larrimer and Larrimer, the lawyers have dedicated a lot of time to learning all there is to know about becoming a great workers' compensation lawyer. After years of serving New Albany, they have become one of the most sort-after personal injury lawyers in the state of Ohio.

When a difficult case requires the experience of super lawyers, Larrimer and Larrimer's law office is the only place to go. These outstanding lawyers are always available to help with any legal issues regarding workers' compensation.

When Should You Approach Workers Compensation Lawyers?

When Should You Approach Workers Compensation Lawyers?

At times, when workers suffer a personal injury, it usually happens when they least expect it, which leaves them confused as to what the best course of action is.

Many times, employees delay consulting a workers’ compensation lawyer, which wastes a lot of valuable time that could otherwise have been used to conduct independent research, interview witnesses, collect evidence, or other vital steps needed when preparing to sue for workers' compensation benefits.

The best time to approach a workers’ compensation lawyer is as soon as possible, because of the following reasons:

Lots of Groundwork Needed

Usually, the preparation process needed before launching a successful workers' compensation lawsuit is not an easy one, and certain details of the case can make it even more complicated. If there is suspicion of gross negligence, for example, some time will be needed for the workers' compensation lawyer to conduct independent research into the matter.

Witnesses Have To Be Interviewed

Any witness to the personal injury incident needs to be interviewed by workers' compensation lawyers while the details are still fresh. In Larrimer and Larrimer's many years of serving New Albany workers, the lawyers have realized that any time wasted could result in the loss of valuable information.

Out-of-Court Settlements

The good thing about a workers’ compensation claim, or a personal injury case, is that it can be handled between the workers' compensation lawyer, the employer, and the insurance company without having to go through the court system. Super lawyers know the benefits of taking this route, which is why the best time to start preparing is right now.

Statute of Limitations

People have to carefully consider the statute of limitations. Workers' compensation lawyers only have two years to file a lawsuit for personal injury on behalf of their clients.

Considering the amount of work a workers’ compensation attorney needs to do, it is best to approach them as soon as possible. Workers comp attorneys in Columbus OH are here to help you in a timely manner.

Cases Can Drag On for Years

Even with super lawyers on the case, some workers' compensation trials can drag on for years, which is something Larrimer and Larrimer lawyers have come across quite often while serving New Albany workers. It sometimes takes all the skill and experience of a dedicated workers' compensation lawyer to beat determined insurance companies, and for this, they need time to properly prepare for the case.

Qualities of Workers' compensation Super Lawyers

What separates super lawyers from regular workers' compensation lawyers? This is a question injured workers sometimes ask themselves when trying to select the best workers' compensation lawyer from the many that are serving New Albany.

The following are the qualities to look for in a great workers' compensation lawyer:

High Degree of Experience

A case is only in great hands if the workers' compensation lawyer handling it has put in a lot of years serving New Albany workers in similar cases. Personal injury claims can be complicated, and sometimes good experience is the key to success.


After suffering a personal injury, one thing that injured employees need is a compassionate workers’ compensation attorney who can relate to what they are going through. Super lawyers need to balance aggressive negotiating and compassionate understanding.

Local Knowledge

Each case is different, and one of the major differences is the location. Every state has its own personal injury laws and statutes, which means, at the very least, a great workers' compensation lawyer needs to have passed their respective state bar associations’ exam.

They also need a few years of serving New Albany before they can be considered a good workers' compensation attorney.

Commendable Peer Evaluations

Super lawyers have one thing in common, which is stellar peer recognition. A quick search should provide a lot of positive reviews from fellow lawyers. This is a sure sign that a workers’ compensation attorney has put in the necessary work.


Nothing is worse than hiring an expensive workers’ compensation lawyer who fails to deliver when needed most, which is why at Larrimer and Larrimer, the lawyers guarantee to find a great workers' compensation counselor at affordable prices.

Offers Free Consultation

At this law firm, the lawyers understand that, at times, injured workers need to have a detailed discussion with a workers’ compensation attorney before committing to anything on paper. This is why Larrimer and Larrimer is proud to offer a free consultation.

Has Offices Close By

While talking over the phone with a workers’ compensation attorney is ok, once in a while, a face-to-face meeting is needed. To be considered super lawyers, personal injury attorneys need to have offices within easy reach of their clients.


A good workers' compensation attorney needs to be available at all times when they are needed by their clients. This means they need to have an adequately staffed law office to handle busy schedules.

Types Of Damages Larrimer and Larrimer Can Win

Types Of Damages Larrimer and Larrimer Can Win

There is a wide range of damages that a New Albany workers' compensation attorney can win for their clients. However the most common are economic damages in the form of lost wages and medical expenses.

The reason for this is that they are easy to calculate and convert into a monetary value. Lost wages, for example, can be estimated by calculating the number of days the worker missed work against their weekly wages.

Other New Albany Practice Areas

Get in Touch With Our Outstanding Lawyers Today!

With a team of super lawyers that passed their respective state bar association exams at our disposal, there is no legal issue in New Albany that Larrimer and Larrimer cannot handle. People may get in touch with the law office today for a taste of why it has such a reputation for a stellar professional achievement record.

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