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What You Should Know About Lumbar Radiculopathy Workers Comp Settlement Proceedings in Ohio

Many unfortunate accidents can happen on the job. Some of these will only result in a mild impact, while others can have devastating and sometimes permanent effects on the affected party. Back injuries, for example, can be on either side of the spectrum.

Bear in mind that 80% of all adults experience some kind of back injury throughout their lifetime. It stands to reason then that the likelihood is pretty high when career types that introduce greater back hazards are factored in.

Lumbar radiculopathy is one of the potential injuries and this occurs when a nerve root in the lower back becomes inflamed. The result is irritation accompanied by pain in the back and down the legs as well. Unfortunately, it can also result in muscle weakness, which can present a challenge for many jobs. Here is a look at workers' compensation settlements for such back injuries. Larrimer & Larrimer can also provide more insight on a workers comp meniscus tear settlement.

Factors That Will Affect Workers' Compensation Claim Benefits

Factors That Will Affect Workers' Compensation Claim Benefits

Workers' compensation benefits are not set in stone. Sure, there may be an established rule to calculate certain figures, but there are multiple factors that will impact the actual injury settlement total that a victim is entitled to. Some of the main ones are as follows:

  1. The need to change careers because of the injury

  2. A reduction in income that will be likely for the rest of the victim's life

  3. Chronic pain that may arise from a failed back surgery

  4. Loss of income because of time that the injury may cause to be missed from work

  5. Any future medical care that may be needed including physical therapy or medication

  6. The occurrence of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)

  7. Loss of use or permanent impairment of limbs

Roles That Are More Likely to Result in a Back Injury

It's not hard to imagine that some jobs present more of a hazard where back injuries are concerned than others. Here are some of the roles that will come with a heightened risk:

  1. Driving heavy vehicles

  2. Operating heavy machinery

  3. One arm work that creates muscular imbalances

  4. Regularly lifting items that way over 25 pounds

  5. Pushing or pulling machines and equipment

  6. Restraining people, whether it be inmates, patients, or the public

  7. Working at heights

  8. Shelf stocking

Common Causes of Work-related Back Injuries

While some injuries are caused by a repetitive strain to the back, it's also typical for single traumatic events to result in the injury. Some states do not cover trauma over time, so it's always important to be able to differentiate between the two. Typical acute occurrences are as follows:

  • Construction site accidents

  • Slip and fall accidents

  • Car accidents

  • Forklift and other powered equipment accidents

  • Lifting accidents

  • Truck accidents

Sometimes, the accident will be caused by someone else's actions. It's also essential to note that while these actions will often be unintentional, there may be cases where the other party was intentionally trying to bring harm to the victim.

Typical Back Issues Injured Workers will Have

Bear in mind that the average workers' comp settlement for a back injury is concerned with the necessary treatment and the extent to which the employee is disabled following the injury. Therefore, the type will not necessarily be as big a factor. In any case, here is a look at a few aback injury types that may occur in the workplace.

Lumbar radiculopathy is the focus here and it speaks to a pain or numbness sensation that originates in the back and runs as far as the feet. Compression, inflammation, or injury may cause this. It's the pressure on the nerve root in the spine that causes the pain that will be felt.

Spinal fractures are next and can be the result of car accidents, slips and falls, or even assault cases. The fragments from the fracture can then damage spinal nerves.

Sometimes, there may be back surgery needed for pain relief or other reasons. Unfortunately, these surgeries sometimes fail, and they can result in further injuries to accompany those that were already present.

Sciatica is next and it is one of the common reasons people may feel back pain. This is a condition that causes pain that originates in the lower back and goes down the legs because of a lumbar or sacral nerve root that is being compressed by a herniated disc.

Being Specific in a Lumbar Radiculopathy Injury Claim

A workers comp claim can be affected by many things. While this may be overlooked, simply not being specific enough can be problematic. Therefore, victims are advised to record as many details as possible about the injuries that they suffer at work.

When did the injury happen? Where did it take place? What area of the body was hit? What was being done at the time when the situation happened? When was the pain first felt? An attorney will provide the required guidance where specificity is concerned, but it is recommended to begin to note everything from the time of the accident for greater accuracy.

What Will the Workers' Compensation Settlement Figure Look Like?

What Will the Workers' Compensation Settlement Figure Look Like?

An insurance company will be required to cover whatever figure is decided on, but as indicated before, this is not something that is set in stone and has to be calculated. This is another reason that a workers compensation law firm in Columbus OH is so important in any kind of back injury claim.

Medical bills, lost wages, level of disability, the type of treatment, etc., will all feed into what the eventual settlement that a victim gets will look like. The injured worker will need to qualify for worker's compensation, of course.

On average though, lower back injury settlements tend to award a higher amount than their upper back counterparts. Larrimer & Larrimer has more information on how they compare to a finger injury workers comp settlement.

Schedule a Free Consultation with a Competent Workers Compensation Attorney Today!

Back injuries can be very problematic and lumbar radiculopathy is just one of many that can fit the bill. If you have been injured at work, you may be entitled to compensation. Schedule a free consultation today with Larrimer and Larrimer!

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