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Federal Contractors to Receive Paid Sick Leave

President Barack Obama recently signed an executive order giving federal contractors seven days of paid sick leave per year. This will allow 300,000 new workers to receive paid sick days. In contrast, 44 million workers with occupations in the private sector are not given paid sick days. Currently, it is estimated 40 percent of private-sector employees do not receive paid sick leave, but that could soon change. Some members of Congress will attempt to pass the Healthy Family Act, which would require businesses with more than 15 employees to offer 7 paid sick days per year.

While the Obama Administration has the power to authorize paid sick leave for federal contractors, it cannot do the same for many private-sector employees.

The executive order could allow injured and sick workers time to heal, without worrying about how they will feed themselves or their families. For workers with short-term injuries, such as burns, sprains and food poisoning, this could be a very welcome change.

How Often Do American Workers Take Sick Days?

Many Americans do not take sick days, out of fear of losing money, falling behind on work or losing their jobs. According to an article in the LA Times, more than one in four Americans show up to work while sick, and will show up to work no matter what condition they are in. A study in NSF International suggests 20 percent of workers show up sick and another 17 percent will only stay home with approval from a doctor.

For workers with long to medium-term injuries, workers’ compensation can provide paid benefits during recovery. However, applying for workers’ compensation can be a long and daunting process. Fortunately, workers’ comp attorneys can help ease the process of applying for benefits.

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