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Workplace Safety Among the Stars: 4 Actors and Actresses Hurt at Work

Several famous actors and actresses have suffered workplace injuries while working on movie sets. You could even argue that television and movie sets have an excessive number of occupational hazards. The following examples of movie stars who were hurt at work only strengthens this argument.

  1. Harrison Ford: While filming Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Harrison Ford was injured by a defective prop. The injury happened on the Millennium Falcon, when a door on the famous ship came crashing down on Ford’s pelvis. Ford suffered a broken leg, and fortunately walked away with his life. Later reports on the accident claim the door landed inches from his face.

  2. Jim Caviezel: Actor Jim Caviezel’s injuries while filming The Passion of the Christ resulted in worldwide headlines and internet fame. While filming a scene that depicted the Sermon on the Mount, Caviezel was struck by lightning. Caviezel also suffered a pneumonia, several infections and a dislocated shoulder while finishing filming for the movie.

  3. Viggo Mortensen: On the set of Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers, Viggo Mortensen injured his foot while filming a scene. Director Peter Jackson had asked Mortensen to kick the helmet of a dead orc. He hit the helmet with so much force that it broke two toes. Mortensen’s scream in pain was genuine, so Jackson kept it in the final take of the movie.

  4. Jamie Alexander: Actress Jamie Alexander slipped and fell down a metal staircase while filming Thor: The Dark World. She herniated a disk in her spine, dislocated her left shoulder and tore her right rhomboid. It took one month of therapy before she could return to filming the movie.

Does the Television and Film Industry Have Workplace Safety Regulations?

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has workplace safety guidelines for movie sets. In 2015, OSHA updated its reporting requirements for the television and film industry. All workplace accidents resulting in hospitalization must be reported to OSHA. It is also important to remember that movie sets have many other workers that help with filming, lighting and setting up props. These workers also deserve safe workplaces.

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