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What Happens after a Coccyx Injury? Time off Work and Other Compensation

Usually, a broken tailbone happens from a slip and fall or a car accident. One might fall flat on the tailbone, or the body may be thrown into the air and then pushed down from the force of the accident.

The tailbone (coccyx) isn't something most people think about until things go wrong. Typically, broken tailbone injuries lead to coccyx pain and may make normal activities impossible or difficult to do without a pain management regimen or surgery. Things like lying down, sitting, bending over, and sleeping are often challenging.

Most people have questions about compensation for tailbone pain or want to understand more about their tailbone injury after a car accident. That way, they know what treatment options are available and the legal recourse they have.

It could be time to call a lawyer and get a free case evaluation about the injury. That way, it's easy to see if the victim has a reason to get compensation because of their broken tailbone.

Attorneys are there to help injured Americans get the compensation they deserve because they suffered injuries caused by careless people or negligence.

However, slip and fall cases are often embarrassing for the victim. They stand right back up after they fall and pretend that nothing happened. Depending on how severe the fall was, they could have a tailbone injury, which manifests as pain in the posterior. People may also experience numbness and more symptoms.

After a slip and fall injury, it's best not to wait. See a physician immediately. That way, life-threatening injuries are ruled out, and the victim gets appropriate treatment. Plus, the doctor must document the injuries, which play a big role in determining the claim's validity and how much recovery is possible.

Most victims worry about how long they might be out of work. It could take months or even years before the person can do all the things they once did, such as sit, bend, and walk.

Symptoms Often Associated with a Broken Tailbone

Symptoms Often Associated with a Broken Tailbone

The symptoms of a broken coccyx can include many things, such as:

  • Pain in the posterior

  • Lower back pain

  • Leg weakness

  • Pain when using the bathroom

  • Loss of bladder control

  • Pain when trying to crouch, sit, lie down, or squat

  • Numbness that radiates to the feet

Primarily, back pain and sitting are the most prominent issues a person has, and it may take days or years to see a full recovery.

Visiting the Doctor for a Tailbone Injury X-Ray

Coccydynia is a medical term to describe trauma or injury to the tailbone, coccyx, or areas around it. The condition significantly limits victims from carrying out normal activities and doing what they often take for granted. These include using the bathroom, being intimate with a spouse, sitting at a desk, and driving to work.

A doctor must diagnose the tailbone pain through X-rays and provide medical advice about whether the tailbone is broken. They look for things like back pain and might ask a person to sit and stand. Sometimes, an anesthetic is injected into the area. Once it starts to work, it pinpoints the pain source to provide an accurate treatment.

Relieving Tailbone Pain after Injury

Relieving Tailbone Pain after Injury

Generally, a broken tailbone is very painful, and treatments include applying ice to the area, using stool softeners to alleviate pain caused by straining to go to the bathroom, and using donut pillows to take pressure off the tailbone while sitting all day long.

Medical professionals may recommend using NSAIDs, such as ibuprofen and naproxen to reduce inflammation and promote pain relief while the bone heals.

Each day is likely different, and the painful road to recovery can take much effort. Overall, tailbone pain doesn't go away quickly because the coccyx is something that's used for all types of situations. People may find it hard to work.

Overall, the bone must heal itself, but chiropractic adjustments or local injections can help. Sometimes, medical professionals must use surgery if ice doesn't work to heal the coccyx.

Sometimes, physical therapy makes things worse, especially if the bone was fractured and not bruised. It's best to speak with a doctor about different medicine options and other therapies available.

Call a Lawyer to Assist with the Settlement

An average tailbone injury settlement varies based on many things. The negligence factor is crucial. Was there someone else who was to blame for the broken tailbone injury? If so, they should be held accountable because the victim now has trouble sitting and might not be able to work for a long time.

Usually, the extent of the tailbone pain and injury is assessed to determine how it affects the person's quality of life. It may take weeks or months to recover fully, which means no work and no money coming in.

However, another factor to consider is whether or not the liable party had insurance, what the compensation caps are, and much more.

What can one do if they experience coccyx pain that doesn't seem to go away, feel poorly, and can't work? They have to know what their legal rights are. The coccyx does many things, and if it sustains a fracture, it's crucial to seek a personal injury claim as soon as possible.

The victim should keep:

  • Witness statements

  • Records of the accident (police reports work well)

  • Medical reports of the injury

  • Photos of the injuries before getting treatment

  • CCTV or photographic evidence where the accident happened

  • Contact details of those who saw the incident

However, when victims cannot do all that themselves, they can rely on their lawyer to do it for them. It's the attorney's job to gather information and evidence for the case.

Those who sustained a coccyx injury because of someone's negligence might have a claim. They should call Larrimer & Larrimer, LCC to assist with their workers' compensation case and help them understand how long does workman's comp lasts. They also help answer important questions such as if one has to use their vacation time if they're out because of a work-related injury.

Receive the compensation deserved. Victims must focus on their health while they recover from a fracture, but they can contact a lawyer to protect them while they heal. Please don't put spine health at risk anymore. Get compensation while waiting to go back to work with a top workers' compensation attorney in Columbus.

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