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Truck Drivers Fired for Refusing To Work in Unsafe Conditions Receive $302,000 From Former Employer

A ruling between the U.S. Department of Labor and Star Air Inc., a currently inoperative company out of North Canton, requires Star Air Inc. to pay $302,000 to two truck drivers they previously fired. According to the Assistant Secretary for Labor and Occupational Safety, “These drivers were fired for trying to protect themselves and the driving public.”

While driving for Star Air Inc., a West Virginia policeman pulled over one of the drivers for carrying an excessive load without a commercial driver’s license and for not having the name of the company visible or the U.S. Department of Transportation number displayed. Realizing that Star Air Inc. was requiring him to drive under unlawful and unsafe conditions, he and another employee ceased driving until their employers furnished the appropriate licenses and documents. Upon learning of their decision, their employer promptly fired them.

My Employer Forces Me To Work in Unsafe Conditions. What Should I Do?

This employer’s actions are in direct violation of the 1982 Surface Transportation Assistance Act (STAA), which states that:

“A person may not discharge an employee, or discipline, or discriminate against an employee regarding pay, terms or privileges of employment because the employee refuses to operate a vehicle [due to] the operation violat[ing] a regulation, standard, or order of the United States related to commercial motor vehicle safety, health or security.”

If you are currently working under unsafe conditions or without proper licensing and are wary of speaking out against your employer for fear of termination, contact us and we can help you. For over 80 years, our Columbus workers’ comp lawyers have been assisting victims of employer negligence. We will fight to hold your employer accountable for the suffering they incurred at your expense and ensure that you receive the compensation you deserve.

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