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OSHA Uncovers Numerous Safety Violations at Texas Facility

The US Department of Labor’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) is seeking a $318,000 fine against a tile manufacturer in Texas, according to OSHA inspected an American Marazzi Tile Inc. facility in Sunnyvale, Texas and uncovered numerous safety violations.

OSHA cited 25 violations, ranging from excessive noise to missing machine guards. Some of the violations were considered ‘willful,’ which is one of the most serious types of violations. OSHA inspectors cited a failure to place guards on exposed belts and chains and willfully exposing workers to prolonged noise above 85 decibels.

“This company knowingly failed to implement necessary safety and health programs to protect employees from coming into contact with moving parts of machinery and prevent hearing loss,” said John Hermanson, OSHA Regional Director. “It’s the employer’s responsibility to know the hazards and safeguard workers from these hazards in order to provide a working environment free of injuries and illnesses.”

People often do not associate continuous loud noise with a workplace hazard, but it can cause permanent disability just like any other injuries. Do you have a high-risk occupation?

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