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OSHA and BWC Warn About the Dangers of Grain Bins

Silo deaths earlier this month have prompted the Ohio Workers’ Comp Bureau to issue warnings about the dangers of grain bins. Farmers in Ohio and across the nation face serious injury, and even death, due to silo storage and handling. In 2010, 26 workers on U.S. farms died because of grain engulfment. That was the highest number on record.

Three farmers have been killed in Ohio due to silo accidents, most recently a Butler County man who suffocated after being engulfed by grain. OSHA recently investigated the deaths of Tim Taylor of New Carlisle and the Charles Groh of Fairfield, both being found accidental.

The grain bins are emptied from the bottom, so false surfaces are created. Upon entering the grain bin, a worker can be caught in one the false surfaces and the effect is like being caught in quicksand.

OSHA is working with Ohio State University to develop grain-bin safety training, and plans to present it to the Grain Elevator and Processing Society later this year. Serious injuries on farms have fallen, but the number of workers killed in silo engulfment remains at the same level.

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