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From Shock to Recovery: Workers' Comp for Electrocution Injuries

Construction workers are often at a greater risk of suffering a work-related injury than any other professional. Electrocution is among the most prominent risks that they are exposed to, and the reality is that electrical injuries are often severe and even life-threatening.

Incidents involving electrical current can be devastating, not just physically and emotionally, but also financially. The good news is that workers' comp for electrocution injuries is available for victims.

When an employee suffers this kind of harm, it's important that they understand their rights. This article will offer more insight into the workers' compensation benefits available.

Understanding Electrocution Incidents

Understanding Electrocution Incidents

An electrocution injury occurs when a person's body comes into direct contact with an electrical current, either through exposed wiring, power lines, or equipment. This causes a jolt or shock to different bodily tissues.

Muscles contract and burns occur, damaging internal organs. Moreover, an electrocution accident can also cause heart problems, such as cardiac arrest, arrhythmias, and more. It can also lead to respiratory arrest and, ultimately, death.

These incidents may be caused by negligence, a failure to follow the proper procedures, and faulty equipment, among others. Although construction workers are more susceptible to them because of the nature of their jobs, these incidents can occur in just about any vocational environment.

Why an Electrical Injury Can Be Dangerous

Unlike other types of injuries, exposure to electricity can have devastating results. This is because it can cause damage in three ways:

  • Shock. The jolt that victims feel during electrocution is often enough to stop the heart or cause permanent damage to cardiac muscle.

  • Burns. A person's body can be burned from the inside when they are exposed to electrical current, making it very difficult to treat.

  • Subsequent injuries. Another reason why electrocution injuries are often more severe is because there is an increased risk of the victim falling from a height or experiencing other subsequent harm.

Common Causes of an Electrocution Injury

There are a number of reasons why a person is electrocuted on the job. This includes the following:

  • Malfunctioning electrical equipment or machinery

  • Poor maintenance

  • Not following the correct procedure when working on or near electrical systems

  • Contact with power outlets

  • Water leaks

  • Lightning strikes

  • Lack of occupational safety protocols

  • Exposed wire or outlets

  • Power surges

Workers' Compensation Benefits for Electrocution

Workers' comp benefits do cover electrocution injuries that occur in the state of Ohio, provided the injured party can prove that they were hurt while performing their normal work-related duties.

However, suffers have to remember that the claims process is no walk in the park, which is why hiring a trained and experienced workers' compensation attorney is imperative. They can provide insight on Workers' Comp for repetitive strain injuries as well.

While filing a claim may not seem important, the truth is that financial recompense can provide victims with much-needed relief and ensure that they are able to obtain the medical care they need to make a full recovery.

Electric shock injuries are often serious. Sufferers who can prove that they were working when the accident occurred may be eligible for the following benefits:

Healthcare Benefits

When a worker is hurt, it's important that they seek medical attention immediately to increase their chances of survival. However, treatment costs money, and with no income coming in, victims may be left in a tough financial predicament.

The good news is that they can claim for healthcare expenses, providing medical bills and records as evidence.

Lost Wages

In addition to medical expenses, victims may also claim lost wages. As stated already, a work-related injury often forces the sufferer to take time off work. In these cases, a workers' compensation claim will provide income protection as the person recovers.

Disability Benefits

Electrocution accidents often change a victim's life forever. Workers' comp offers both permanent and temporary disability benefits.


Employees may qualify for vocational rehabilitation benefits if their electrocution injury prevents them from going back to their previous jobs. It allows those who have suffered electrocution to find suitable jobs that meet their physical needs, explore alternate career paths, and obtain sufficient training.

Death Benefits

The workers' compensation system in Ohio may provide recompense to an employee's dependents in the unfortunate event that he or she passes away from an electrical accident.

These benefits, which lessen the financial strain on the family of the worker during a period of severe bereavement, include payment for burial costs and continuing financial support through survivor benefits.

How Long Do Injured Workers Have to File a Claim?

Victims generally have one year from the fate of the accident to file a claim. However, it's important to remember that this deadline may be extended in certain cases, so it's best for claimants to talk to a trained legal representative for more information.

They are also advised to begin the claims process as quickly as possible to ensure that no details are forgotten and to improve their odds of obtaining a favorable outcome.

The Importance of Seeking Legal Aid

The Importance of Seeking Legal Aid

Those who are dealing with the psychological and physical effects of electrocution injuries may find it difficult to navigate Ohio's complicated workers' compensation system. Seeking advice from a knowledgeable lawyer can ensure that injured victims are not alone but have reliable support during these trying times.

A workers compensation attorney in Columbus assists by explaining their rights. They are also familiar with the claims process and can help victims navigate it, obtaining the required documentation and, if necessary, appealing a claim that has been denied.

When they have legal counsel, injured workers can concentrate on getting better while knowing that their legal rights are being upheld.

Larrimer & Larrimer Workers' Compensation Attorneys Are Here to Help

Although filing a workers' compensation claim might seem easy enough, victims must understand that there are strict criteria in place to determine eligibility. Lawyers can help protect claimants' rights and ensure that they have a good chance of obtaining the benefits they need to recover and move forward. They can also help when dealing with Workers' Comp for injuries while intoxicated.

Larrimer & Larrimer, LLC has over 90 years of experience fighting for the rights of injured victims. We can ensure that every workers' comp claim is handled with care.

Contact us today to learn more or schedule your free consultation!

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