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Is Workplace Noise Something To Worry About?

Despite the fact that hearing loss is one of the most underreported workplace injuries, the long-term effects can be devastating. Hearing loss begins when someone loses the ability to hear above 2,000 Hz, at which point they may find it difficult to discern a conversation a few feet away. As the threshold of audibility lowers, the worker will be unable to understand someone speaking directly to them. With time, he or she will lose hearing entirely.

Hearing loss is likely underreported in the workplace because its devastating effects are not outwardly visible. Duration of harmful noise exposure is a determining factor in the severity of hearing loss. Many injured workers lost their hearing because they were working overtime. As such, injured workers had less time in between noise exposure to allow their ears to recover. With time workers will develop Tinnitus, a perpetual ringing in the ears.

After losing the ability to hear, a worker will be less able to accurately follow the safety instructions of their employer and will be at a greater risk of workplace injury. In addition, hearing loss can affect home and family life. Consider the tragedy of never hearing the voice of your spouse or grandchildren. The emotional stress induced by a workplace injury can be compensated for as a non-economic, or difficult to quantify but still valid, damage.

Looking For A Workers Compensation Lawyer In Ohio?

The Larrimer & Larrimer, LLC legal team will work tirelessly to secure the workers compensation you need for the physical and emotional damages incurred by hearing loss. If you have been exposed to excessive noise at work, contact us and we will come to your aid.

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