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Inadequate Machine Guarding Causes Serious Worker Injury

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) cited Kloeckner Metals Corp. for unguarded machinery after an employee was seriously injured in a workplace accident.

In April, the employee suffered severe injuries after being caught in the nip point of two arbor rollers on the slitting line. The accident was tragic, but it could have been avoided if the rollers had been properly guarded.

Why Does My Workplace Need Machine Guards?

Machine guards protect workers from a machine’s moving parts, like gears, belts and electrical hazards. Nip points are especially dangerous because they can cause crushing injuries, or “pinch” employees’ clothes and drag them into the machine.

OSHA conducted a follow up inspection at Kloeckner and realized that the metal manufacturer had already been cited for unguarded machinery during a 2013 inspection. That fact led inspectors to issue a repeat violation, which carries higher fines and stiffer penalties.

The Cincinnati facility also allowed employees clearing scrap on the slitting line to work without turning off the machine. This is a violation of lockout/tagout procedures, which require employees to shut down all machines undergoing repair or maintenance and remove them from any power sources.

Kloeckner Metals Corp. received four total safety violations during its inspection. The citations carry proposed penalties of $56,000, but no amount of money will save the injured employee from a long and painful recovery.

Studies have shown that addressing workplace hazards promptly is the safest and most effective way to run a business, but some companies would still rather cut corners.

If you believe your job is endangering your health, contact the attorneys at Larrimer & Larrimer to learn more about your legal options. We have defended Ohio workers since 1929, and we know how to make the law work for you.

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