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Fatal Construction Accident Results in OSHA Fine

The US Department of Labor’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) cited Harrison Hoist Inc. of Grand Prairie, Texas for a fatal workplace accident at the University of Texas at Dallas, according to Two workers were killed on July 7 when a construction crane collapsed. The workers were on the site of a new Arts & Technology Building.

OSHA officials investigated the site following the accident and cited Harrison Hoist for six serious safety violations. Violations include failure to address wind speed and weather hazards, a lack of procedures for disassembling a crane, failure to adequately stabilize the crane and a failure to properly train employees for use of the crane. Proposed fines total $29,400.

“It is imperative for employers to have procedures in place, train workers and otherwise adhere to safe work practices regarding crane use in order to protect workers who disassemble cranes,” said OSHA’s Stephen Boyd.

When construction companies are negligent, accidents like this occur. Please visit our website for more information on workers comp, and contact our firm for a free consultation.

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