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Can I Handle My Workers’ Compensation Case without a Lawyer?

If you have suffered an injury on the job and you were thinking of hiring an attorney, you might ask yourself if the stress of seeking legal advice is really worth the time investment. Our workers’ compensation lawyers are here to assure you that yes, finding an attorney is absolutely worth your while. There are several circumstances where the advice of a skilled legal advisor could prove critical to the success of your case.

  1. Many employers have trained insurance adjustors working with them to ensure that the company can defend its assets. When a worker files a claim against them, you can be certain that the adjustors and their lawyers will be working full time to minimize the financial impact your claim has on the company. To fight this, an attorney is your greatest ally.

  2. Sometimes an employer will try to deny that your injury happened on the job. They may say that your injury did not arise out of your work duties, and thus is your responsibility to treat. A lawyer can help you prove otherwise.

  3. If the insurance carrier denies your benefits, you cannot pay for your injury’s treatment or you are not receiving pay during your time injured, you need a person with legal expertise to help you claim the benefits that are rightfully yours.

  4. If an insurance adjustor promises you benefits that never materialize, or an attorney for the employer or insurance company wishes to speak with you, legal aid is necessary to prevent yourself from being taken advantage of.

Filing a claim without legal assistance might save you some money now, but you are risking greater potential rewards and benefits that you may not be fully aware of. If you have any more questions about the reasons you should hire a lawyer, visit our FAQ page.

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