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Yoga Can Help Injured Workers Recover

When workers are injured and unable to return to their occupations for a period of time, it is important to find activities that can help speed up recovery. Depending on the injuries involved, workers may gain great benefits from practicing yoga.

A University of San Francisco and Harvard study showed significant physical and psychological benefits for using yoga to recover from brain injuries. The study required people with brain injuries to attend weekly yoga sessions. Results were weighed against another group of who did not attend yoga classes. Researchers discovered people with brain injuries who took the yoga classes had better physical, social and emotional functioning.

Yoga can also help workers who suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) or other psychological injuries. Wounded Warrior, an organization that helps psychologically and physically scarred veterans, uses yoga classes to help injured veterans with PTSD. Veterans who participated in yoga classes were found to have decreased PTSD symptoms in a joint study by the University of London and the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

How Else Can Yoga Help Injured Workers?

Injured workers might be under large amounts of stress due to the interruption of their regular lifestyle. In a 2009 issue of Perceptual Motor Skills, 300 people who attended yoga classes were found to have a significant decrease in stress levels.

Some people might not take yoga seriously as a means to heal from psychological and physical injuries. We hope our blog can dispel some skepticism.

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