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Workers File Lawsuit against Monsanto after Developing Cancer from Herbicides

Two workers have filed a lawsuit against Monsanto Corporation, one of the largest agribusiness companies in the world. Both workers claim Monsanto Corporation’s Roundup herbicide caused them to develop cancer.

One of the plaintiffs, a 58-year-old former farmworker, developed bone cancer after working for several years spraying vegetables with Roundup herbicide. The second plaintiff, a horticultural assistant who recently developed leukemia, claims she was exposed to roundup during her career working with plants.

Both lawsuits come at a time when the World Health Organization has declared Roundup to be a likely carcinogen. Roundup is the most popular herbicide used in the world and can be bought in most stores. The lawsuit alleges Roundup is a “defective” product, and that Monsanto failed to warn workers and consumers of cancer risks.

Roundup uses glyphosate, which the Environmental Protection Agency has labeled as “possibly carcinogenic to humans”. World Health Organization studies spanning decades have linked glyphosate with cancer, although Monsanto claims the research is flawed.

Exposure to Toxic Chemicals Linked to Cancer in Several Professions

Depending on the occupation, the risk of developing cancer can become substantial. In previous blogs, we have written about how substances such as benzene and asbestos are capable of leading to the development of cancer in firefighters and construction workers. Nail salon workers are at risk of developing cancer due to formaldehyde exposure.

Until new regulations are put in place to limit exposure to toxic chemicals, workers will continue to be at risk for developing potentially fatal occupational illnesses.

For more information on occupational illnesses, continue following our workers’ compensation blog.

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