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Worker Dies Of Heatstroke First Day On The Job

On June 25, a 36-year-old employee of Aldridge Electric Inc. died of heat stroke while installing electrical conduit for the upcoming Dan Ryan Red Line for the Chicago Transit Authority. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration recently cited the national electrical contractor for $7,000 in fines.

“The worker died from heat stress on his first day on the job. This tragedy underscores the need for employers to ensure that new workers become acclimated and build tolerance to working in excessive heat with a program of water, rest and shade,” according to the assistant secretary of labor for OSHA. He continued, “A worker’s first day of the job shouldn’t be the last day of their life.”

Given the nature of the work in the summer season, Aldridge Electric Inc. should have provided a rotating regimen of labor, water and rest for all employees, not just the new ones. Aldridge Electric Inc. has just over two weeks to appeal the citation, or make the appropriate changes as recommended by OSHA.

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