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Will These Workers’ Comp Changes Help Employees Who Work in Other States?

Normally, employees who temporarily work outside of Ohio run into problems if they become injured outside state lines. While the Bureau of Workers’ Compensation (BWC) does have workers’ compensation benefits for these workers, complications typically arise when the injured worker files a claim in different states. This can delay when the injured worker receives their benefits, or they could be outright denied due to location.

Luckily, the BWC is trying to changes this.

What New Program Has the BWC Adopted to Help Workers in Other States?

Ohio’s BWC is making a new option available to Ohio workers. Employers will now be able to apply for coverage with policies offered by BWC, the United State Insurance Services (USIS) and Zurich Insurance. While the BWC normally does not have authority to contract privately owned insurance companies, a law was passed last year to allow it. Proposals from many insurers were submitted, but through a review, USIS and Zurich were chosen for their proposals.

The new option, which began earlier this month, makes out-of-state workers’ comp more straightforward for employers, which in turn helps to guarantee workers receive benefits without having to manage multiple policies in different states. This also ensures workers’ comp benefits are not delayed.

Employers must meet one qualification in order to adopt this type of policy: the majority of the business must be located in Ohio. If that is the case and employers have locations outside of Ohio, they are encouraged to apply with BWC to determine if the business is eligible to receive this coverage option. From there, if a worker is injured, all out-of-state claims will be reviewed and handled by Zurich.

Contracting With Zurich and USIS Could Help Injured Workers Receive Benefits Faster

As it was, employees who received injuries outside of Ohio were subjected to a stressful and tedious process. Hopefully, more employers will apply for these out-of-state policies and, in turn, will help streamline workers’ compensation benefits owed to injured workers.

Larrimer & Larrimer, LLC is a workers’ compensation law firm that helps injured workers in Ohio.


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