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Widow of Toledo Mayor Sues for Workers’ Compensation

The Associated Press reports that the widow of former Toledo Mayor D. Michael Collins has filed a workers’ compensation lawsuit saying that the mayor was injured while working prior to his death.

The mayor died in February on his way home from an emergency press conference about snowstorms. He allegedly suffered cardiac arrest. His wife, Sandy, has filed a lawsuit against the city of Toledo and the Bureau of Workers’ Compensation.

A workers’ compensation claim was filed on Sandy’s behalf earlier this year and was allowed to proceed by the Industrial Commission of Ohio. The state then appealed the decision and the Commission reversed its decision about the matter in September, prompting the lawsuit.

The Bureau of Workers’ Compensation said that it could not confirm details about the claim, as they are not a matter of public record.

Ohio Workers’ Compensation Claims Following a Fatal Accident

This lawsuit shows how you may be able to collect certain workers’ compensation death benefits, as an eligible family member, following a fatal workplace accident. It also shows how incredibly complex the Ohio workers’ compensation system can be.

Keep in mind, when you file a claim with the Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation, your case may be contested. At this point, it may be wise to obtain legal representation. You may have to move forward with an appeal and the process can be confusing. The failure to obtain legal advice at this time may lead to your case being thrown out and/or you losing potential benefits.

You should make sure that you exhaust all of your legal options following a fatal workplace accident. Our workers’ compensation attorneys serve clients in Columbus, Zanesville, Newark, Cambridge, Portsmouth, Logan, Lancaster, Jackson and Chillicothe.

Have a safe and wonderful New Year!

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