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Why Workplace Safety Is Not Just About Your Company’s Bottom Line

Investing in workplace safety is not only beneficial to the workers themselves, but the effects of having a safe and secure workplace trickle into other areas of our society, including community happiness and wellbeing. Employers will make more profits from decreases in worker injuries. In 2002, the National Safety Council estimated the average cost of an injury that causes a worker to lose time is about $33,000. Employers with effective safety programs were found to reduce injury and illness costs by 20 to 40 percent, according to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). These savings can be used to increase employee pay, or invest into community outreach programs.

Ways That Safety Programs Save Companies Money

  1. Employee quality: Companies that have strong safety procedures will attract and retain better employees who are more motivated, which will contribute to increased worker performance and higher profit. Lost productivity from injuries and illnesses costs companies $60 billion each year, according to OSHA.

  2. Business reputation: Business that are cited by OSHA for violations or develop a bad reputation on employee review sites and other mediums, will likely lose business. People want to conduct business with trustworthy sources that have positive feedback from employees and customers.

Businesses are obligated to offer a safe, reliable workplace with a good reputation with their local community. These businesses do not only make more money, they offer a better benefit to society as a whole. If you believe your company is disregarding safety obligations, contact a Columbus workers compensation attorney for a free case review of your employer’s working conditions.

Columbus workers comp attorneys at Larrimer and Larrimer, LLC are dedicated to gaining excellent coverage to workers injured because of unsafe working conditions.

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