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Why Should Employers Properly Shield Machinery?

The U.S. Department of Labor’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has issued three citations to Parker Hannifin Corp. for an incident in September 2014 wherein an employee suffered serious injuries when his face was caught in a machine called a power press. According to OSHA, the employee was exposed to inadequately shielded machinery at the fault of the employer. The proposed cost of the violation is $52,000.

OSHA has very clear guidelines on employee protection from machinery. Machine guarding is absolutely essential to employee safety, and it is appalling that Parker Hannifan Corp. allowed this event to transpire by providing inadequate protections. Injuries like this often result in amputation, death and permanent disability.

This is not the first time Parker Hannifan Corp. has been under OSHA scrutiny. In 2010, the company committed the same violation. When a violation occurs more than once in five years, OSHA considers it a repeat violation.

I’ve Been Injured on the Job. What Can I Do?

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Source: http://www.workerscompensation.com/compnewsnetwork/news/20343-ohio-employee-suffers-injury-after-face-caught-in-power-press.html

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