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Why’s the Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation Limiting Injured Workers’ Access to Prescription Drug

As the opioid painkiller epidemic continues to plague the country, including our communities in Ohio, the Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation is doing what it can to stop workers from becoming victims. As such, recently, the Ohio BWC announced plans to no longer provide coverage for certain prescription drugs.

Why Is Workers’ Comp No Longer Covering Certain Prescription Drugs?

The Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation is attempting to stop injured employees in Ohio from becoming addicted to opioids and other prescription drugs. The Ohio BWC has been adjusting their prescription drug formulary over the last eight years to help lessen the amount of drugs that injured workers are prescribed as treatment following an on-the-job injury. As a result, 12 percent fewer injured workers received prescription drugs in 2016 than in 2012. In addition, compared with 2011, 44 percent fewer injured workers received prescriptions for opioids in 2016.

The Ohio BWC removed Xanax from the list of drugs is covers and working on changing the drugs it covers for use in treating addiction. In January, the Ohio BWC stopped coverage of sustained release opioids following surgical procedures as well as the coverage of concurrent immediate release opioids for treating pain associated with workplace injuries.

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