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Why Is It Important to Have an Attorney When Filing for Disability Benefits?

It is important for workers to understand their rights and options for benefits after suffering injuries from workplace accidents. The Ohio Social Security disability attorneys at Larrimer & Larrimer, LLC can help in this aspect.

For workers who suffered injuries that resulted in disabilities, it is essential to understand possible options for benefits. Workplace injuries that result in disability make it difficult or impossible to return to work.

Social Security disability insurance (SSDI) may be a possibility for workers with these injuries. What is SSDI? These are benefits that you have paid into throughout your career. Depending on your work history, these benefits can vary. To qualify, you need to show the following:

  1. You will need to show that your prior jobs required you to pay Social Security taxes. Remember, SSDI benefits are taken from prior wages.

  2. To receive these benefits, you must show the medical conditions caused by your injuries meet Social Security’s definition of a disability.

  3. You must also show your condition keeps you from performing the job duties you had before your work accident and resulting disability. In addition, you must prove your disability keeps you from adjusting to other work.

Proving you meet the criteria for SSDI benefits is more difficult than it sounds. Depending on your individual circumstances, and what happens after filing a claim, you may be denied these benefits. An attorney can help with the filing, and if needed, appeals process for SSDI benefits.

How Else Can an Ohio Social Security Disability Attorney Help?

However, an attorney is also helpful because there may be other options in addition to SSDI. Depending on the situation, injured workers can receive additional benefits after receiving injuries that result in permanent disability.

The workers comp and disability attorneys at Larrimer & Larrimer, LLC can help injured workers explore options for benefits.

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