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Why is Chicken Processing Work a “Nightmare”? recently had an alarming article about chicken processing plants and the dangers employees face on the job.

According to the website, Oxfam America recently launched a campaign about poultry work, documenting how the industry is pushing many employees beyond their physical limits. The nonprofit reports that as chicken demands have increased, workers at processing plants are struggling to keep up with the speed of production lines.

Each American will eat an average of 90 pounds of chicken this year, compared with just 37 pounds back in 1965. And our hunger hasn’t shown signs of satiety: For more than 20 years, chicken has comfortably held position as the nation’s most popular meat,” reported.

Oxfam said that due to increased production demands, poultry workers suffer occupational illnesses at a five times higher rate than other workers in the U.S. Additionally, instances of carpal tunnel syndrome are seven times higher than the national average for poultry workers, while repetitive strain injuries are 10 times more prominent.

The nonprofit says that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration changed limits on factory line speeds from 70 birds per minute being slaughtered in 1979 to 140 birds per minute today. “The industry uses workers like perpetual motion machines,” said one expert interviewed by Oxfam.

It is estimated that a worker in a poultry plant completes anywhere from “20,000 to 100,000 repetitive pulling, cutting, and tearing motions in a single eight hour day while working in a cold and damp environment.”

The result is an increase in workplace injuries, especially musculoskeletal disorders. To view the report, you can click on the source link below. The website notes that the top poultry producers in America include Tyson Foods, Pilgrim’s, Perdue and Sanderson Farms.

Our Columbus Workers’ Compensation Attorneys Can Help You If You Have Been Injured in a Meat Processing Plant

It is unfortunate that many poultry producers are allegedly pushing workers beyond their physical limits. If you live in Ohio and you have suffered a repetitive motion injury on the job, you should talk to our Columbus workers’ compensation attorneys about filing a claim.

Workplace injuries like carpal tunnel syndrome can cause tremendous pain, numbness and inflammation for workers, in their hands and wrists, making work impossible. Employers have a duty to lessen the injury risks associated with repetitive tasks, so that workers do not suffer harm.

If you have suffered carpal tunnel syndrome or another repetitive task injury on the job, you may be qualified to receive workers’ compensation benefits. Contact our office by calling (614) 221-7548 or use the free case review form on the side of this page.

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