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Reasons Why Employers Challenge Workers’ Compensation Claims

If a worker is injured at work, one can hope that employers will help them seek a workers’ compensation claim. Unfortunately, some employers do what they can to discourage workers from getting compensation. A popular way they fight workers comp claims is by claiming that the worker was not seriously injured.

Typically, they fight the compensation for selfish reasons. Nonetheless, there are instances when employers are justified in challenging the compensation. It is always good to have a work injury attorney in Columbus OH help fight for you.

How would one feel if a worker frequently got injured at work? An employer would find that suspicious, wouldn’t they? That could be a sign employees are deliberately injuring themselves to get compensated. Another reason could be that they are clumsy, which means they are unsuitable for the role.

We have established that employers mostly fight workers' comp claims for selfish reasons. What are these selfish reasons, one may ask? Here are three reasons why they fight workers comp claims.

Protect The Company’s Reputation

To Protect the Company’s Reputation

When a worker claims they were injured in the office, the management has to accept responsibility for the injury. However, some companies fear that acknowledging the injury could lead to negative publicity. That is because details of the injury will likely have leaked to the internet or television.

If accidents frequently occur in a certain company, potential workers could assume it does not care for its workers. Once a company receives negative reviews, its profits will be greatly affected. That is because clients will refuse to work with a company that appears hazardous for workers.

It is the duty of the management to prevent accidents at work. One way they can do that is by notifying workers of all safety hazards. Nevertheless, organizations need to acknowledge that accidents occur. If the management tries to downplay accidents, then their reputation will be worse.

To Keep Insurance Premiums Down

Employers pay standard premiums for workers’ comp claims. Once a worker is injured, the premiums rise. The premium costs will be even higher if several employees are injured.

Another reason the costs may jump is when an injured worker requires surgery. It makes sense why employers would do what they can to avoid paying higher premium costs. Nevertheless, it does not mean that employers should prioritize money more than an employee’s life.

To Discourage Other Workers From Reporting Their Injuries

Employers usually fight workers comp claims to inform workers that they are not worth the effort. Whenever a worker applies for compensation, there are several legal processes that occur. Unfortunately, the lengthy legal battles may translate to no compensation.

Workers who discover that sometimes workers do not get compensated may avoid seeking compensation in case of an injury. However, you are likely to miss out on the compensation if your injury is suspicious. As long as the injury is genuine, workers should not worry about the lengthy battles. Also, learn if permanent partial disability is for life.

Reduce Costs Of Running The Company

To Reduce Other Costs That Come With Running the Company

Premiums are not the only costs the employer will be worried about. When a worker gets compensation, it may not cover the time they spent away from work. That means the employer will have to pay for the time off, which is a loss since the employee was not working.

The employer will also need to incur overtime costs. While the injured worker recuperates in the hospital, the employer must let the remaining workers fill in for the worker. Since the workers are fewer, they will take a lot of time. That means the employer will have to pay them overtime. Plus, find out if light duty is considered lost time.

Finally, the employer may have to replace the injured worker temporarily. That means the employer will need to spend some money advertising for the position. After the employer finds a replacement employer, they will spend some money and time on training.


Getting an injury at work is already bad enough. The last thing a worker needs is for the employer to overlook their injury for personal or corporate interests. Thankfully, the worker can take some steps to compel the employer to help them to get compensation.

If a worker resides in Ohio and needs compensation, they should contact Larimer & Larimer. Larimer & Larimer is a law firm with experience handling difficult employers and helping clients navigate the long compensation process. Therefore, the firm helps its clients get the compensation that they rightfully deserve.

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