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Why Are Foreign Workers More at Risk for Fatal Construction Accidents?

Foreign workers arriving in the U.S. might be more at risk for being injured from a work accident, sometimes even losing their lives.

According to a joint report conducted by the American Society of Safety Engineers and the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health, young Hispanic construction workers are the most likely to be injured or killed in work accidents.

How bad is the problem? Data from the report shows that Hispanic construction workers experienced a mortality rate almost 2 percentage points higher than any other industry, at about 5.9 killed per 100,000 workers. Hispanic immigrants account for 82 percent of the two million foreign-born construction workers.

Data from the report suggests that smaller construction businesses with 20 or fewer employees are more likely to hire foreign workers, who are more at risk for being involved in an accident. According to the report, foreign workers face barriers to safety, such as language differences that can make training challenging.

Can Injured Construction Workers Receive Workers’ Comp?

Workers injured by construction accidents might be able to receive workers’ compensation benefits. The process of applying can be more difficult for some than others, and an experienced attorney can answer questions.

Injured workers who hire an attorney can sidestep the tedious paperwork and deadlines that can come with applying for workers’ compensation or disability benefits.

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