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Why Are Fatal Workplace Accidents On the Rise in Ohio?

Federal officials associated with the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) are investigating why fatal workplace accidents are on the rise in Ohio. According to OSHA, there have been 17 fatal workplace accidents since the start of 2015.

Last year was no better, as OSHA officials investigated 46 fatal workplace accidents, a steady rise from the 38 accidents recorded in 2011. Investigators suspect that the main reasons for a spike in accidents are a younger workforce unfamiliar with industry safety hazards and poor training programs implemented by employers.

OSHA Investigation Uncovers Lack of Training Leading to Workplace Accidents in Ohio

Employers in Ohio are placing too little importance on educating workers on safe work practices. Without knowing how to avoid or handle hazardous conditions, Ohio workers are at risk for catastrophic injuries or death. OSHA regulations require that employers provide a safe working environment for their employees to avoid workplace accidents capable of permanently injuring or even killing workers.

According to OSHA, employers must train employees in the “safety and health aspects of their jobs”, especially younger employees who may be new to an industry and more prone to accidents and injuries. OSHA uses the Process Safety Management Standard, which says that training must have established objectives and a concluding evaluation showing that employees understand what is expected of them to stay safe while performing their job.

Workers involved in accidents may be eligible for workers’ compensation or disability depending on their injury. Larrimer & Larrimer, LLC represent workers injured on the job throughout the workers’ compensation and disability process. If you have questions regarding your case, we will answer them at no cost.

Larrimer & Larrimer, LLC – Columbus Workers’ Comp Attorneys

Did You Know? Contacting OSHA to carry out an investigation for unsafe work practices might prove to be difficult. As a federal organization, OSHA has one regulation compliance officer for every 59,000 workers.

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