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Who Is Responsible for Your Work Injury?

Your employer is responsible for creating a safe workplace, hires all workers on site, fixes workplace hazards that arise, and will be the ones who provide workers comp to their injured workers. However, this scenario is not always common on job sites. Many injuries involve negligence on behalf of third parties with different safety training and equipment. Your employer is responsible for providing workers compensation, but you can make a separate claim against a third party. These cases can be tricky.

Who’s Responsible in a Work Injury Case?

  1. Where did the injury occur? Were you injured on someone else’s property while working for your employer? For example, if you injured by a falling object on someone’s property while working, you can make a claim against the owner of the animal.

  2. Was there equipment involved? If you were injured by machinery, it is possible that your employer is responsible for not maintaining or replacing the equipment properly, or the machinery had a defect, meaning the machine manufacturer could be at-fault.

  3. Who committed the safety violation? In some cases, a third-party employer may have neglected their duty in training their employees or providing safe equipment, which caused your injury. Finding who is at fault on a multi-employer jobsite can be made easier by consulting with a Columbus workers comp attorney.

The workman’s comp attorneys at Larrimer & Larrimer, LLC have a proven record of successfully handling third party lawsuits in addition to worker’s compensation claims.

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