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Which Columbus Company Was Cited for Worker Injuries?

The Associated Press recently reported that the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has cited a Columbus wire manufacturer where two workers were injured for safety violations in two different incidents.

According to the news source, OSHA has cited ITC Manufacturing for violating federal workplace safety and health regulations by failing to protect workers from machine operating parts. The agency has proposed fines of $131,000 for the violations.

OSHA said that workers for ITC Manufacturing have been involved in incidents including an amputation event and an electrocution event. The agency said the manufacturer has issues with electrical and respiratory hazards, as well as fall hazards, due to a lack of guardrails in its facility. OSHA also said that it has open-sided floors, which can contribute to injury accidents.

The AP could not get ITC to comment about the citations, which involved 25 separate violations.

Your Employer Has a Duty to Keep You Safe

It is sad that Columbus workers are allegedly being placed at risk by this manufacturer. OSHA should take more steps to ensure these types of violations are not allowed to continue. Employees who are injured should be aware that if they cannot go back to work, they may be eligible for Ohio workers’ compensation benefits.

To begin the workers’ compensation process, it may be in your best interest to work with an attorney. The process can be incredibly confusing and you can hurt your chances at obtaining payments by filling out forms incorrectly. Or, if you have already been denied, it is possible to file for an appeal. Insurance companies for the company that injured you will likely want you to jump through a few hoops. Filing an appeal is also a complicated process and, if it is denied, the decision is final.

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