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When Should You Appeal a Workers Comp Denial?

Workers comp claims can be denied for several reasons. The claim may have not been filed quickly enough, the workplace injury could have happened on another premises than your employer’s worksite, and maybe your accident did not have witnesses. Other conditions, like work-related stress, may not be serious enough for a claim. Being away from work and receiving a case denial can be extremely frustrating, but there is no need to give up. There are options to appeal your workers comp denial ohio.

How to Appeal a Workers Comp Denial

  1. Consult a workers comp attorney: Appeals have strict deadlines, and legal personnel are looking for certain kinds of evidence and knowledge of legal procedures in appeals. You may not get through the entire appeal process if your claim is not written correctly.

  2. Read the denial letter carefully: The denial letter will likely have instructions on how to appeal the denial. Read it carefully, follow the instructions, and gather additional evidence to support your claim. You may need to contact your employer’s insurance company for a clarification of the denial terms. With small mistakes, you may not need to appeal your case in a court setting.

  3. Filing an appeal: First, you need to submit a written appeal to the Bureau of Workers Compensation within 14 days after you receive the denial. The first level of your appeal will be in an administrative hearing in front of the Industrial Commission of Ohio. You will need to provide factual evidence like medical records, or reports of the worksite conditions that lead to your injury.

Columbus workers comp attorneys at Larrimer & Larrimer, LLC can help you gather evidence and ease you through the process of appealing your workers comp denial.

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