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What Should I Do If I’m Hurt in a Car Wreck While On the Job?

What if you were hurt in a car accident while working? Would you be able to work again or would your injuries make it impossible? What would you do for an income? Workers’ compensation? Those were some of the questions a truck driver who was hit by a car while on the job was facing in the wake of his devastating accident.

The incident happened as the man, now 55 years old, was walking to grab his lunch during a workday. The man suffered multiple severe injuries in the crash, including a head injury that took away his ability to care for himself on his own. Now, he has a caregiver that handles almost everything for him. However, his medical bills and daily living expenses have begun to add up to more than he can afford. Therefore, he and his attorney had to go before a magistrate to secure additional workers’ comp coverage from his insurance company.

Per WXYZ-TV, even though the magistrate ruled in the 55-year-old man’s favor, his workers’ compensation insurance company has failed to increase coverage.

Is Workers’ Comp the Only Option After an On-the-Job Car Wreck?

Besides workers’ comp, people injured in car accidents while at work may also be able to file a third party claim against the drivers of other vehicles involved in the wreck. In some cases, third party claims enable injury victims to recover more than they would receive from workers’ compensation ohio.

The workers’ compensation attorneys at Larrimer & Larrimer have decades of experience successfully helping injured workers and their families in Columbus, Ohio secure the financial assistance they need through workers’ comp and third party claims.

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