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What If My Boss Intimidates Employees So They Don’t Report Safety Issues?

In one of our blogs posted on June 14th, we investigated reasons why so many workplace injuries go unreported. We received multiple responses, saying that their bosses would intimidate employees or threaten to fire them for reporting safety issues, and attempting to make workers’ comp injury claims. These responses shed light onto a dark issue in many workplaces. However, there are ways counteract these practices.

What Can You Do About Employer Intimidation?

In Ohio, all employers with employees are required to carry workers’ comp. In the event of addressing a safety issue or work injury, an employer is not legally allowed to intimidate or retaliate against the employee. In 2015, helicopter company Air Methods Corp. was fined $158,000 by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), after firing an employee who refused to fly a helicopter with a faulty component over a mountain. If your employer is trying to force you to work in unsafe conditions, and bullying you into not reporting them, they probably have more to hide. You should file a complaint with OSHA and request a worksite inspection. Many laws exist to protect employees who are whistleblowing.

What If You’re Injured at the Workplace?

Whether you are injured due to a lack of safety procedures or not, you are still entitled to workers’ comp coverage in most cases. However, many claims may be rejected by your employer or the Ohio bureau of Workers’ Compensation (BWC). In the event of a workers’ compensation claim, you should consider contacting a Columbus workers’ comp attorney. These legal professionals have the knowledge and abilities to fight for workplace injury coverage against big companies and the BWC, which can leave employees struggling to deal with their injuries.

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