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What If I Am Injured On The Job By Someone Who Is Not My Employer?

If an employee is injured on the job as a result of the negligence of someone other than their employer, they can still receive workers compensation benefits. The compensation process is different than regular workers compensation but allows for the injured worker to potentially receive a larger financial package. The process is called subrogation and involves settlements between the injured worker and the Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation (BWC) and the injured worker and the negligent party.

For example, if a professional baseball player hits a home run that flies out of the park and hits someone working on a telecommunications tower who then falls to the ground, then the injured employee receives standard workers compensation benefits from the BWC. The injured employee can then sue the baseball player or the team for medical expenses and lost wages. Subrogation occurs when the BWC takes a cut of that settlement to pay for the benefits provided to the injured worker. The injured worker then gets to keep any leftover funds from the settlement with the baseball team.

Ohio Attorneys That Handle Workers Compensation Claims

As you can see, the process of filing a workers compensation claim with the BWC is very complex and should not be attempted without the aid of a trusted workers compensation attorney. If you have been injured in an industrial accident, our Ohio workers compensation attorneys can help. The Larrimer & Larrimer, LLC law firm has been protecting the rights of injured workers in the Ohio area since 1929. For more information about how we can assist in your particular case, contact us. To schedule a free, confidential consultation with one of our Ohio workers compensation lawyers, call us today at (614) 221-7548.

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