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What Common Injuries Happen to Welders?

A 33-year-old welder was killed at a Cohen Recycling Center in West Carrollton, Ohio. Early reports indicate that he was electrocuted. There is some chance that negligence led to his death.

While Cohen has a clean record, according to The Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA), Metal Shredders Inc., which owns the site of the accident, does not. The company has previous violations, which include citations that deal with electrical equipment. It may take months before the investigation is concluded.

Common Work Injuries Among Welders

What happened to the welder in West Carrollton is not uncommon. Welders deal with hot metal, exposure to ultraviolet radiation, fumes, vapor, chemicals and a lot of electricity. This high-risk job allows for an assortment of catastrophic injuries, such as:

  1. Electrical shock, which can generally be avoided by wearing protective gear and keeping gloves dry; however, workplace negligence can create other risk factors.

  2. Out of about two million welders, it is estimated that 365,000, or 1,400 a day, suffer eye injuries at their job. Eye injuries are common from what is called arc radiation and welder’s flash.

  3. Over time, welders can suffer Parkinson’s disease-like symptoms from manganism, due to toxic exposure to welding rods, wires and electrodes. This damage is frighteningly permanent.

Accidents can be prevented with proper training, equipment and safety precautions; however, even the most seasoned welder cannot escape the occasional accident. The work welder’s do is necessary and dangerous. As such, in the case of injuries, welders deserve maximum compensation.

Injured on the Job in Columbus, Ohio?

If you have been injured on the job, then there may be a chance that you will receive the compensation necessary to pay for hospital costs, rehabilitation and lost wages. Contact our law firm to find out about your options.

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