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What Can Be Some of the Riskiest Jobs in America?

Every job has a set of safety and health laws regulating the workplace ensuring that all of the employees are not reasonably at risk for workplace accidents and occupational health issues. That being said, some jobs have more necessary safety precautions and the potential for more accidents if the precautions are ignored. You may be surprised at the list of the riskiest jobs in America listed below, and how they are often concentrated in lower to middle class income ranges.

Top 5 Most Dangerous Jobs

Firefighter: Unsurpisingly, firefighters are subject to physical injuries,burns, and inhaling dangerous chemicals.

Farmer: Many wouldn’t consider this one, but farmers are susceptible to injuries involving machinery equipment.

Nursing Assistant: One of the least paid members on the list, nursing assistants experience a high number of straining injuries from lifting patients, as well as lacerations and wounds.

Veterinarian: Animals are wild and often attack veterinarians. They are susceptible to animal bites and lacerations, especially if they work with larger animals.

Taxi Drivers: Taxi drivers are on the low pay spectrum, and research shows they are much more likely to be assaulted and murdered on the job. Also, ridesharing apps are increasing demand and offer almost nothing for injury compensation to their workers.

What to Do If You Are Injured

Many of these fields are expected to grow, which could mean more workplace injuries. Many jobs that are not listed also experience a high volume of work related injuries and illnesses. Regardless of what occupation you are in, employers have the obligation to provide a safe workplace with proper safety conditions. If you have been injured, contact Columbus workers comp attorneys at Larrimer & Larrimer LLC for answers to your injury coverage questions.

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