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What Are The Proposed Changes To Colorado Workers’ Compensation Laws?

Colorado employers and congressmen will be reviewing a proposal concerning changes to the current state workers’ compensation laws, according to a report by The Colorado Statesman. Supporters, such as Representative Angela Williams, say that the new bill will empower workers in a system that overwhelmingly favors employers. The proposed bill aims to make significant changes to safety violations, choice of physicians and separation contracts.

Firstly, the new proposal will increase workers’ compensation benefits by 50 percent if a worker is injured on the job because the employer failed to observe federal safety standards. Under the current legislation, workers are punished by a reduction in workers’ compensation benefits if they are injured while ignoring posted safety guidelines. As such, the bill promotes an egalitarian workers’ compensation system by holding employers and workers equally responsible for providing and observing federal safety standards.

Under current legislation, employers have authority over which medical professionals an injured worker can consult. The proposal will give the injured worker the authority to select their own medical provider for treatment and diagnosis. Finally, the bill proposes introducing separation negotiation into the workers’ compensation system. Most workers’ compensation settlements include the worker leaving his/her job; however, if previously separated workers rejoin the company, then employers will be opened up to inspection by the United States Department of Labor’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration.

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Source: http://www.coloradostatesman.com/content/994568-businesses-brace-workers%3F-comp-bill-2014-session

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