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What Are OSHA’s Top Four Fatal Construction Work Accidents?

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) is tasked with investigating companies that fail to meet safety regulations, but it also regularly collects and publishes statistics on workplace accidents. OSHA’s top four fatal construction workplace accidents include falls, being struck by objects, getting caught in machinery and electrocution.

Are Construction Workers in Ohio at Risk for the “Fatal Four”?

Among the 48 fatal workplace accidents that took place across the state in 2012, most were in the manufacturing and construction industries. The top three causes of death for Ohio workers were falls, being struck by objects or vehicles and getting caught in machinery. According to the statistics, not much has changed in the last three years, as there have already been 17 fatal workplace accidents since the start of 2015. Ohio workers are losing their lives to three out of four of OSHA’s top four fatal construction work accidents.

The problem is not only acute in Ohio, as the fatal four kills hundreds of people every year across the nation. OSHA has stated that eliminating the “fatal four” would save 468 American lives every year. In 2013, the “fatal four” caused 58.7 percent of the 796 construction workplace fatalities.

Can I Get Workers’ Comp If a Loved One Died in a Construction Accident?

Ohio allows for the dependents of a deceased family member to receive benefits from a workers’ compensation claim. Our workers’ compensation attorneys can help families sort through the confusion of losing a loved one in a fatal workplace accident and we encourage our readers to contact us with any questions.

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