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What Are Common Workplace Hazards Caused by Weather?

Poor weather conditions may raise the risk of workplace accidents. It is important for employers and workers to recognize these hazards. The following examples can show what types of workplace hazards are created by weather conditions:

  1. Lightning strikes: Workers can be struck by lightning in several different ways. Lightning may directly strike the worker or an object they are holding. It can also strike nearby objects and jump to workers. Employers should put workers inside or abandon the worksite if there are signs of an approaching thunderstorm.

  2. Motor vehicle accidents: Roads can become slick even during light rain. It is important for employers to perform routine maintenance on brakes and tires so they can operate safely during rainy weather. Ice makes driving extremely dangerous, even on vehicles with safe tires and brakes.

  3. Falls: Windy or wet weather can put workers at risk for fall-related injuries. Workers may slip or lose their footing during these weather conditions.

  4. Heat strokes: Summer weather conditions can expose workers to heat-related illnesses. These can be fatal if left untreated. Employers should also know how to render treatment until emergency services arrive.

  5. Cold weather health conditions: There are several health conditions caused by cold weather. Frostbite, hypothermia and even trench foot may harm workers. The latter condition is caused when feet are constantly exposed to cold and wet weather.

What Options Are Available for Workers Injured by Workplace Hazards?

More than half of these listed weather conditions are likely to persist over the next few months, especially thunderstorms and rain. Workers injured during poor weather conditions may have options to receive workers compensation. These benefits can help pay medical bills and other expenses.

The Columbus workers compensation attorneys at Larrimer & Larrimer, LLC can help workers or their family members explore options for benefits.

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