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Unsafe Machinery Causes Fatal Work Accident at Ohio Bowling Alley

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has fined an Ohio bowling alley $45,000 for a fatal work accident involving unguarded machinery. After an employee lost his life when his sweatshirt became caught in the machine used for setting bowling pins, OSHA investigators determined the machinery lacked proper safeguards and fined the company for eight serious violations.

Although the bowling alley has no prior safety violations on record with OSHA, the machinery used to set bowling pins has been in operation since the 1970s.

How Can Work Accidents Involving Machinery Be Avoided?

Work accidents involving dangerous moving parts are attributed to 18,000 amputations, lacerations, crushing injuries and abrasions every year. In addition to injuries, machinery causes 800 fatal work accidents annually.

General industry safeguards include protecting against rotating parts, nip points and flying sparks. Barrier guards, hand-tripping devices and electronic safety devices protect workers from moving parts capable of causing injuries or death. For example, a pressure-sensing device can protect workers who are temporarily exposed to moving parts by stopping machinery from functioning.

In addition to material safeguards, employers are expected to maintain a safe working environment and provide proper training for employees who are exposed to potentially hazardous machinery.

Employees who have been injured due to an unsafe work environment might be able to receive workers’ comp benefits in addition to other compensation awards. If an employee is involved in a fatal work accident, Ohio allows surviving family members to file for workers’ comp benefits.

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