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Two Dead In Omaha Industrial Accident

According to NBC News, International Nutrition Inc.’s three-story animal feed processing facility in Omaha, Nebraska erupted in flames on Monday, January 20. Two workers died in the subsequent building collapse and 17 were injured. Four of the 17 wounded suffered life threatening injuries. The two workers who died were working on the second floor of the facility when the fire undermined the building’s structural supports. Emergency crews recovered the first body soon after the accident, but it took two days of searching through rubble and debris to locate the second.

A team of 50 firefighters quelled the flames to secure the area for rescue and investigation. The United States Department of Labor’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) is heading up the investigation into the cause of the collapse. “There was a third-floor collapse and a second-floor collapse onto the first floor, so there is substantial damage,” said the Omaha Fire Chief. A thorough OSHA investigation will have to wait until the structural integrity of the ruined building is assessed.

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