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Roofing Company Cited For Inadequate Fall Protection

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) cited Champion Roofing Inc. for several violations related to fall safety. During an investigation in May, OSHA inspectors saw employees working on a roof 13 feet above the ground with no fall protection.

Employees on the roof were also working near an open skylight, another fall hazard. Workers could be seriously injured falling through an open skylight, and workers on lower levels could be injured by falling tools.

Inspectors working for OSHA also saw that none of the workers had been given basic fall protections, such as guardrails, warning line systems or safety nets. Employees were also working without mandatory personal protective equipment (PPE), like hard hats or fall arrest harnesses.

Fall Hazards Put Construction Workers in Danger

Every year, falls kill more construction workers than any other workplace hazard. Falls from as low as six feet could cause serious injury, including broken bones and head injuries.

OSHA launched their Fall Prevention Campaign in 2012 to teach management and workers how to address fall hazards. The program emphasizes PPE, safety training and other preventative measures.

Lack of adequate fall protection is OSHA’s most frequent citation, despite the fact that hundreds of construction workers are injured from falls every year. Some employers would rather save the money and take the risk, but their inexcusable negligence puts hundreds of workers at risk.

If your employer is forcing you to work without the proper protection, your rights are being violated. Knowing your rights under the law can help you fight back. Call Larrimer & Larrimer to discuss your workers comp claim with an experienced attorney today.

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