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Piramal Glass Fined $137,400 After Worker Loses Finger

A March 14 accident left a Piramal Glass USA Inc. employee without a finger and landed the company in trouble with the U.S. Department of Labor’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), according to an OSHA news release. The worker suffered the finger amputation at Piramal Glass’ Park Hills, Missouri plant while repairing one of the company’s machines. The machine was supposed to be isolated from its power source prior to the maintenance, but it was not, resulting in the worker’s injury.

“An employer’s failure to power off energy sources before conducting equipment maintenance is unacceptable,” said acting Regional Administrator for OSHA in Kansas City Marcia Drumm. “Amputation hazards are one of the leading causes of injuries in manufacturing, which companies must address to curb preventable injuries.”

In total, Piramal Glass was cited for 21 health and safety violations, carry proposed penalties of $137,400. The 21 violations included 18 serious violations and one repeat violation. The repeat violation was for improperly mounting metallic receptacle boxes to a firm surface, which is something Piramal Glass was previously cited for back in October 2010. The serious violations included:

  1. Failing to develop and implement a noise monitoring program

  2. Unguarded floor holes and missing railings

  3. Lack of e-stop devices on lathes, grinding, drilling and milling machines

This worker’s life will be changed forever because of this injury. Piramal Glass should have and very well may have known better. Employees should not have to go to work wondering if their company may be exposing them to unnecessary danger, yet it is an everyday reality for many workers.

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