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“Pepper Spray Cop” Files for Workers Compensation Benefits

You may remember the cop who pepper sprayed a group of protesters at a University of California, Davis rally in 2011. John Pike’s seemingly casual attitude as he pepper sprayed students protesting tuition increases made images and videos of the act go viral. The school investigated his actions and determined that they were unwarranted. The school fired him in 2012.

Now, he is seeking workers compensation benefits from UC Davis. He says that he sustained psychological injuries following the incident. Hackers revealed personal information about Pike, including his home phone number. Pike says this resulted in harassment and death threats.

Do Psychological Injuries Qualify You for Workers Compensation?

Without a full report of the case, it is difficult to tell if Pike qualifies for workers compensation benefits. According to the Ohio State Bar Association, our state does not recognize psychiatric conditions as valid workplace injuries, unless they arose from a physical injury or occupational disease.

If you have more questions about workers compensation benefits in Ohio, please contact our Columbus workers comp lawyers to learn more. We are happy to explain how the law affects your case, and what you can do if your employer denied your workers compensation benefits. Call 614-221-7548 today to schedule a free consultation.

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