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OSHA Renews Alliance with Global Cold Chain Alliance

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) is teaming up with the Global Cold Chain Alliance (GCCA), an organization that works to protect warehouse workers from dangerous ammonia exposure.

Anhydrous ammonia can be used as a liquid or gas. Ammonia is commonly used as a refrigerant in breweries, dairy and ice cream plants and cold storage warehouses.

Does Ammonia Make You Sick?

Classified as a hazardous chemical, ammonia is corrosive to the eyes, skin and respiratory system. Workers can suffer long-term consequences if they face repeated or severe exposure. Ammonia leaks can also cause fires and explosions if the chemical meets an ignition source.

GCCA includes 1,650 business owners who work hard to protect their employees from harmful ammonia exposure. Members of the organization employ about 300,000 refrigerated warehouse facility workers.

The alliance between OSHA and GCCA focuses on improving safety management programs for ammonia refrigeration systems. The alliance provides “webinars” (web seminars) and other outreach materials related to ammonia safety.

Ammonia may be widely used, but it can still be extremely dangerous. Workers may not notice serious symptoms like inflammation of the nose and throat or fluid accumulation in the lungs for hours after an extreme exposure.

If you are suffering respiratory problems, chemicals in your workplace may be to blame. Get more information on harmful chemical exposure by following Larrimer & Larrimer on Facebook or Google Plus.

[Did You Know: The Global Cold Chain Alliance employs 90 percent of public refrigerated warehouse facility workers.]

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