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OSHA Fines two Facilities in Northwest Ohio

The US Department of Labor’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) cited safety violations at two northwest Ohio facilities, according to the Toledo Blade. OSHA cited Cloverleaf Cold Storage Co. in Napolean with serious violations, including allowing employees to enter an area where they are not properly trained to be working, failure to properly train employees on safety techniques and removal of energy-control devices. OSHA’s proposed fines for Cloverleaf total $10,200.

Another OSHA inspection at a Gase Enterprises LLC facility in Bowling Green uncovered safety violations as well. Two of the violations are classified as serious—using scaffolding that is less than 18 inches wide and allowing workers on a roof without protected sides. OSHA proposed $5,400 in fines for the serious violations.

Both of these companies will have several weeks to agree to either pay the fines or request a hearing with the US Department of Labor. Does your employer comply with all state and federal safety regulations? Have you ever had to address your supervisor about safety concerns? Do you have a high risk occupation?

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